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Bike Helmet Buying Guide


Helmet Size

It is essential you buy the correct sized helmet.  Find the correct size to buy by using goRide’s  How to Size & Fit a Bike Helmet.  You will need a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string and ruler.

Helmet Adjustment

How does the helmet adjust?  As a general rule traditional bike helmets are adjusted by straps, and an occipital dial or slide.  Compare this to street style helmets that use foam pads and a chin strap. It is essential that the adjustment system of the helmet is good enough and used well so you get the right fit.  This means the helmet will stay on and over your head in an impact.   Again go to the Size & Fit information page.

Helmet Shape

All bike helmets sold in New Zealand need to meet a minimum safety standard. To get maximum protection for your head we suggest a helmet shaped like your head – that is round and smooth. No protrusions. Being round and smooth it allows the helmet to slide better along a surface, reducing the peak forces with sudden stopping. An outcome that reduces the risk of a head injury.  The shape of the helmet needs to provide good coverage of the head. Coverage from above the eyebrows to right down low at the back of the head (where the head meets the neck).   See a helmet that works for you

Materials & Construction

Different brands use different materials and construction methods which effects the overall performance of the helmet. For higher performance helmets consider the new technology MIPS ( MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). For a detailed overview of what this means read our story Bike Helmets – Components & How They Work.  This will help you understand things like how the shell is attached, what the foam is designed to do…

A helmet that matches the type of riding you do

All helmets that are sold in NZ are required to meet a minimum standard of safety.  However some bike helmet features are suited to different types of riding. A street style helmet used by urban or town riders has great head coverage and doesn’t worry so much about ventilation.  Recreational helmets should have good coverage but more ventilation and better fit systems.  High performance helmets are designed with impacts in mind so are good for all types of riding – mountain biking (see Mountain Bike Helmet Buying Guide), road riding, bike paths or riding in traffic.  You cannot over do protection of your head – your head is worth it. See a helmet that works for you


A bright and fun helmet can help you be visible and it is nice to have things you love and enjoy – choose a bright colour you love. The foam used in a helmet is an insulator so you will need ventilation holes for breathability.

goRide’s BIKE HELMET Solutions

Protection Type

Fun and funky great graphics. Good head coverage. Hard shell.

Size Range

Unisex S, M, L

Ranging from 51cm-61.5cm

Who Should Wear

Town, urban, skate park rider

Protection Type

Lightweight, colourful and good head coverage.  Basic protection.

Size Range

One size 53cm-60cm

Who Should Wear

Town rider, easy recreational on and off road riding.

Protection Type

Lightweight, MIPS technology, colourful, good ventilation and head coverage.

Size Range

S, M

Ranging from 51cm-59cm

Who Should Wear

High performance helmet for recreational mountain biking, regular commute, bike path, town riding, easy tour, multi day.

Protection Type

Lightweight, MIPS technology, great ventilation and good head coverage.  Includes rear light.

Size Range

Unisex S,M,L

Ranging from 52cm-62cm

Who Should Wear

Road rider, easy to intermediate road riding.

For Mountain Bike Helmet options see the specific MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMET BUYING GUIDE

Make your purchase a success…

Adjustment to the head for a snug fit

get Safe – when you first purchase your helmet you need to invest some time to make the necessary adjustments to make the helmet fit snugly to the head. Then you need to do a pre-ride check, that is a quick helmet check before every ride. See How to size & fit a bike helmet

Caring for your Helmet

Role model good habits with your helmet, how do kids learn…by watching you.  Wear your helmet every time you ride a bike, don’t drop it or throw it, store it in a safe place, hang it by the chin strap not through the V-straps (otherwise you will be forever adjusting it) See tips- caring for your helmet.

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.

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