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Women's Bike Pants buying guide-3
Do you need them?

Padded bike pants will make time on the bike more enjoyable. The padding in the bike underwear (Women’s goUnders), bike pants or liners help to provide comfort and protection at the contact point of the bottom on the bike seat. The length of time you ride, the frequency you ride – is it on consecutive days?  Do you feel any tenderness or discomfort when you ride?  Are all factors that say YES you need them. If in doubt answer YES you won’t regret your decision.

What do you want to wear when you ride?

Choosing what to wear on the bike will depend on what you feel comfortable in, what is appropriate to provide protection from the season, the weather, or the terrain. Learn more at What to Wear on the Bike.  Bike underwear with padding (a chamois) sewn in offers the most flexibility. They become your underwear – they goUnder your riding clothes of choice, everyday or recreational clothes. You get to choose clothes from your wardrobe that suit the season, the weather on the day or your mood, see Bike in Everyday/Recreational Clothes.  Alternatively you can choose bike pants – specific riding pants made of lycra with the padding (chamois) sewn in.  These bike pants come in a variety of lengths, see Bike in Lycra Padded Bike Pants . The final option is women specific bike shorts that may or may not come with a liner (a liner normally has padding sewn in).

Chamois (Padding)

The chamois is the padding that will provide comfort and protection when you ride. The chamois needs to be women specific to support your female specific structure.  It’s density should also match the length of time you normally ride for. It needs to be made from materials that wick away moisture, are breathable and provide cushioning in all the right places. See more at Fancy Pants – Why wear padded bike pants?


The fabric your bike pants are made from should be a performance material that is breathable and wicks away moisture. The fabric needs to stretch to provide firmness and the best fit possible.  If the chamois is held in place it will provide cushioning in all the right places.  Functional high quality man made fabrics don’t need to impact the environment negatively so seek out sustainable manufacturing processes.  See Women Riding Clothing – Fabric Choice



On the Bike



Padded Bike Underwear

Wear everyday/recreational clothes. Choose the clothes to suit the season and the weather and your mood. Be comfortable on and off the bike.

Full brief underwear. Women specific chamois. Up to 2 hour bike ride. Performance fabric – breathable and moisture wicking.

3/4 Lycra Padded Pants

Everyday cycling, relaxed styling, designed for comfort.  Ideal for recreation riders & curvy bodies. All season.

High rise ultra wide, waist band, self fabric leg band, relaxed compression & style.  Womens specific chamois. Mesh side pockets.

3/4 Lycra Padded Pants

Multi-day or endurance riding.  All season riding. Off or on road – all surfaces.  Ideal touring.

Quickest drying fabric, woven leg band, elastic free front waistband.  Womens specific high density chamois.

Make your purchase a success…

Care for your bike pants

Your bike pants will have specific care instructions. Follow them. As your bike pants are worn directly against your skin while exercising you will need to wash them after every ride. Learn more at Tips for Caring for you Bike Pants.

Be comfortable on your bike seat

There is more you can do to achieve comfort

  1. Your bike saddle makes up the other half of the contact point. You need to make sure you have the right women’s specific bike saddle. See our Bike Saddle Buying Guide.  You may also want to check that your saddle is fitted/positioned for maximum comfort. Learn more at Bike Seat “Sweet Spot”.
  2. Learn to ride in a good efficient riding position – See Chi Riding video and other Chi Riding tips .

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.

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  • Joy Jordan says:

    Could you please email the price and the sizes for.
    Women’s padded bike pants.

    Joy Jordan

    • Annette says:

      Hi Joy,
      thanks for asking about our womens padded bike pants. They will be available this Spring, 2018 in sizes 8 to 16 and retail for $65 plus shipping.


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