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Solution for… taking kids places they may struggle to go with the confidence, they will be well protected and ready.  The Tow Rope is ideal for smoothly and safely assisting kids up hills, over distances, through windy conditions or just to keep up with older siblings. Perfect for mountain biking and great if you have an E-Bike to make towing easier.  This along with kids mountain bike knee pads gives you the essentials for enjoyable, relaxed family riding adventures.

Features: Tow Rope: Lightweight rubber bungee covered in durable webbing makes this tow rope ideal for carrying while riding with kids.  Gives you a strong, reliable connection that will not dangle down into wheels and has a soft, gentle pull. Simple loop through attachment design means this tow rope is easy to use…. See how easy here

Features: Kids Mountain Bike Knee Pads: Durable & lightweight making it a favourite with mountain biking kids/youth.  QMatter foam, will repeatedly, absorb on impact and disperse energy.  Sizing specific to kids/youth so will fit well and be comfortable to wear.  Addition of velcro straps above and below the knee will secure the pad.  Great match to adventurous kids who ride at an intermediate level or more.

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KIDS Knee Pad SIZING GUIDE. Measure first then buy. A good fit is essential to keep your kids safe. [/popup_trigger]

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The Bike Tow Rope & Kids MTB Knee Pad Combo is right for YOUR FAMILY because;
A Bike tow Rope is
  • specifically designed for giving kids a smooth, safe towing experience when riding a bike (also great for skiing, used in reverse).  See how easy it is to use….How to attach a Bike Tow Rope
  • can be used any time you think your child may struggle on a ride.  That could be when climbing hills, going long distances, keeping up with other members of the family or in poor weather conditions – wind or rain to speed up their riding
  • great for any child who rides to help with enjoyment on their bike, whether they are new to riding or have been riding for a while
  • perfect for mountain biking environments and for multi-day riding or touring on NZ Cycle Trails.  Also perfect to use with an E-Bike
  • made from specialist high stretch bungee cord which gives a soft gradual pull feel – your child will not be jerked forward.  Once you are in motion the towed rider is constantly suspended for a smooth feel
  • the bungee cords will stretch to 4x their length, this eliminates drooping and prevents the rope becoming entangled in wheels.  Measures 1.4m at rest and will stretch up to 4.6m
  • this rubber bungee is protected inside a durable hollow webbing
  • can tow up to 225 kilograms
  • connects to the trailing bike either by looping through its own loop, or by using the Quick Loop with Carabiner (sold separately).  Please see our How to Use Guide 
  • the lead bike connection should be around a secure attachment point – most riders choose to use their seat
  • for safe outcomes the tow rope needs to be completely removed before heading downhill
  • is made by Tow Whee who are based in the US
  • available exclusively at goRide
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The Kids Mountain Bike Knee Pads are
    • the perfect match to mountain bike riding.  Great for adventurous kids who are riding intermediate trails, like to jump and/or ride at speed
    • ideal soft protector to minimise the damage caused by impacts
    • lightweight and comfortable to wear so great for climbing as well as descending, good match to technical cross country riding/mountain bike parks
    • this is an intermediate level pad so is much more durable than a simple pull on sleeve protector and mimics adult padding
    • is a slip on style with velcro fasteners and extremely tough outer
    • also features internal silicon grippers to assist in secure placement of pad despite lots of movement of the joint
    • the protector is made from ‘QMatter’, high density foam, used because it distributes impact and absorbs force
    • iXS protector meets European safety standard EN1621-1 and EN1621-2 respectively
    • 4-way stretch AeroMesh, light, moisture wicking, breathable, anti-bacterial
    • comes in a range of sizes from Kids Small to Kids Large, please see the Sizing Guide to get a good fit (link above)
    • this is a iXS Knee Pad called the Hack Evo. iXS are a Swiss brand that make a wide range of padding & protection products and are known for producing a durable, high quality range


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tow rope & kids MTB knee pad combo - seat guide
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