Bike Tow Rope & Mid Seat Combo


get Ready, go Explore…”Get the family moving with two great mountain biking products”

Solution for…riding with more than one child in a mountain bike environment.  This combo of products can be used on one adult bike or with two adults – what ever works for your family.  Introduce a child as young as 2 years to the joys of mountain biking while towing an older child with the simple to use tow rope.

Features:  Tow Rope; Lightweight yet strong rubber bungee covered in durable webbing makes this tow rope ideal for using when riding with kids.  It will last through years of riding adventures.  Gives you a strong, reliable connection that will not dangle down into wheels and has a soft, gentle pull. Simple loop through attachment design means this tow rope is easy to use…. See how easy here.

Features: Mid Kids Seat; With its unique adjustable width and angle system this seat is designed to work on ANY mountain bike top tube giving you the ability to take them places or distances that they may struggle to ride themselves.  A quick release system allows you to quickly remove the whole seat so you can use your bike without the seat or attachments.

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The Bike Tow Rope & Mid Seat Combo is right for YOUR FAMILY because;
A Bike Tow Rope is
  • specifically designed for giving kids (or adults) a smooth, safe towing experience when riding a bike (also great for skiing, used in reverse).  See how easy it is to use….How to attach a Bike Tow Rope
  • can be used any time you think your child may struggle on a ride.  That could be when climbing hills, going long distances, keeping up with other members of the family or in poor weather conditions – wind or rain to speed up their riding
  • great for any child who rides to help with enjoyment on their bike, whether they are new to riding or have been riding for a while
  • perfect for mountain biking environments and for multi-day riding or touring on NZ Cycle Trails.  Also perfect for use with E-Bikes
  • made from specialist high stretch bungee cord which gives a soft gradual pull feel – your child will not be jerked forward.  Once you are in motion the towed rider is constantly suspended for a smooth feel
  • the bungee cords will stretch to 4x their length, this eliminates drooping and prevents the rope becoming entangled in wheels.  Measures 1.4m at rest and will stretch up to 4.6m
  • this rubber bungee is protected inside a durable hollow webbing so will last for years of riding enjoyment
  • can tow up to 225 kilograms
  • connects to the trailing bike either by looping through its own loop, or by using the Quick Loop with Carabiner (sold separately).  Please see our How to Use Guide 
  • the lead bike connection should be around a secure attachment point – most riders choose to use their seat
  • for safe outcomes the tow rope needs to be completely removed before heading downhill
  • is made by Tow Whee who are based in the US
  • available exclusively at goRide
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The Mid Kids Seat is
  • a mid mount bike seat that offers great interaction and protection for your child who is positioned between your arms
  • ideal seat for riding with young kids on easy, flowing mountain bike tracks
  • this seat is New Zealand designed for use on mountain bike frames but can be used with almost any bike. Will it fit my bike?  Simple answer is YES…Shotgun have not found a mountain bike that they can’t mount the seat on.  Find out more here
  • recommended for 2 to 5 years. Note: Children under 3 will need to have good balance and bike awareness to ride in this seat
  • adaptable to any mountain bike or trail bike frame. Note: You need a top tube to fit this seat to – not suitable for step through women’s frames
  • adjustable width to fit any frame size or shape. It fits top tubes from 30 – 68mm wide, and down tubes from 30 – 100mm wide
  • adjustable angle for flat or sloping top tubes
  • adjustable seat tilt
  • every seat now has rubber foot-straps included (new for 2019), to keep your child’s feet secure whilst riding but designed to break away in the event of a crash
  • the entire seat and fixings are completely removed quickly (20-30secs)
  • compatible with carbon bike frames – padding included and does not need to be excessively screwed onto the frame
  • comes with easy to follow fitting instructions
  • enjoy a well balanced bike ride with the added weight (up to 22kgs) of your child in a more central position
  • 12 month warranty on workmanship & materials
  • known as the Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat.  Shotgun is a New Zealand designed brand. The Shotgun has been designed with NZ riding conditions and requirements in mind. “Let your kid ride shotgun”
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Bike Tow Rope & Mid Seat Combo - seat stories
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Bike Tow Rope & Mid Seat Combo - Ride in MTB parks with kids
Bike Tow Rope & Mid Seat Combo - go explore
Bike Tow Rope & Mid Seat Combo - family riding
Bike Tow Rope & Mid Seat Combo - Tow Whee tow rope


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