ByK Balance Bike and Hornit Combo


get Safe and get Ready, be Heard & be Seen…so you & your family can SMILE when you ride

“goRides choice for absolute fun and functional toddler riding”

Solution for… toddlers 2-4 years wanting to learn to ride. Help them to be safe while they find out how much fun riding a bike can be.

Features: A bike bell (horn) that will let them know you’re there!  25 different sounds in a bicycle bell with 3 different volume settings to match your riding environment.  Add to that the benefits of a light for visibility helping you to get safe while you go Explore on the BYK balance bike.

Use our Sizing Guide. The right sized balance bike is important for your child’s safety, enjoyment and to build confidence and development. Make sure you have the right sized balance bike.

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BYK spare parts are available, please CONTACT us if you need any



Why is the ByK the right balance bike for your child?

  • ByK have changed the way kids bikes are made.  These are the bikes designed to ride easier, sooner and faster.
  • Made from alloy with a low gravity frame and weighs only 4.3kg
  • Suitable for children greater then 85cm in height and weighing between 12kg- 50kg.  Suggested age range 2 to 4yrs. It is suitable for children with an inseam measurement 35cm – 44cm. See the sizing guide to understand more.
  • The ByK has great seat and handlebar adjustment. Seat height range is 33-41cm, handle bar height range 51cm- 56cm so it can grow with your child
  • Made with spoked air tires that provide low resistance and increased rolling meaning your child will get up to ‘balance’ speed faster
  • Has a hand brake for the older rider – most children can coordinate a hand brake from the age of 3yrs. Grips that will fit their small hands.
  • Quality head fittings to maximise steering response and increase handling
  • 2 Colours – Pretty Pink & Bright Blue
  • The ByK has only rounded hardware reducing the likelihood of injury

To understand more on whether the ByK is the right balance bike for your child see our stories and resources The right balance bike or Balance Bike Buying Guide.

See the goRide step by step guide and videos for easy assembly of your ByK Balance Bike 

Kids Bicycle Bell & Light from Hornit;

  • gives you 25 different sounds (with 3 volume settings) and a 12 lumen light output
  • easy to attach, tool free, wrap around flexible mounting system
  • appealing to both adult and children for its creative and fun design, available in two bright colours
  • has a traditional white light and funky green light adding visibility in traffic situations
  • remote trigger activated so your kids don’t need to take their hands off the handlebars to use it
  • weather resistant
  • 2 x AAA batteries included

The 25 sounds are; bike bell, racing cars, police siren, motorbike, ole trumpet, laser, helicopter, fire engine, fart, manic spell, aeroplane, hooter, burp, wolf, rooster, lion, elephant, horse, hornet, magic carpet, bomb drop, reversing truck, train, klaxon, zapper

Is this bicycle bell & light easy to attach?  Coming soon… goRide’s How to attach a Mini Hornit

Is this the right bike bell for YOU? Your success is different to others…read the Bike Bell Buying Guide


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Additional information

Balance bike colour

"Blue", " Pink"

Mini Hornit Colour

"Pink/Purple", "Red/Blue"


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