Rear Child Seat & Toddler Helmet Combo

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Keep them close while getting a versatile, safe and comfortable child bike seat with a quality helmet.

Rear Carrier Mount Kids Seat

Solution for... riding with a 1 to 6 year old sitting in a rear carrier mounted child bike seat. This wide age range allows you to ride with your child for many years providing great value. Great for urban commuting but also to enjoy the easy off road trails or pathways. Keeps your child close to you on the bike giving them and you a sense of safety.

Features: Comes fully assembled and is the lightest rear child bike seat on the market. The easily attached - clamps onto a rear carrier by twisting a large button.  Great rear reflector for added visibility aid in traffic.  Magnetic buckle on a 5 point harness to secure both their arms & legs, best security available.  Adjustable straps and footrests for wide age range - 1 to 6yrs or maximum child weight of 22 kgs.

Will a rear mount kids bike seat fit on YOUR BIKE?  Find out here.

The only available seat colour is LIGHT GREY. 

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Toddler Helmet

Solution for... toddlers riding with an adult in a kids bike seat, toddlers riding their own balance bike or toddlers learning to ride their first bike.  Suitable for an age range of 1 to 4 years, this is one of the smallest helmets available so is ideal as a first helmet.

Features:  The Giro Scamp has everything we ask you to find in a toddler helmet - full head coverage, lightweight and an easy to use adjustable fit system. The chin buckle is pinch guarded and the helmet comes in fun bright colours & graphics helping to convince your child to wear it. The flat shape at the back of the helmet keeps their head in a comfortable position - making this helmet perfect for kids in bike seats with back support.

KIDS Bike Helmet SIZING GUIDE. Measure first then buy. A helmet that fits is essential to keep your kids safe

TODDLER HELMETS are finally BACK IN STOCK.  Get in quick to get the colour you want as all are limited...

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The Rear Carrier Mount Seat & Toddler Helmet Combo is right for YOUR FAMILY because:

The Rear Carrier Mount Seat is;

A rear mounted seat that allows 1 to 6 year olds to ride on your bike with you in a variety of riding environments - very safe & stable for riding in traffic so this seat is a really popular choice for commuting families

This seat has all the best features you should look for in a rear seat - it is incredibly lightweight, comes fully assembled and is so simple to attach to your carrier.  Best 5 point magnetic harness in the market

It easily attaches via the Topeak Explorer rear carrier to your bike - see our fitting instructions (coming soon) How to Attach a Topeak Explorer Rear Carrier  then watch how easy it is to attach/detach a Thule Yepp Maxi Nexxt Carrier Mount.    No adaptors or mounts will be left on your bike when the seat is not being used.

Recommended for 1 to 6 years. Note: Children need to be able to support themselves seated to use this seat and be old enough to wear a helmet

Weight range is 9kg to 22kg

5 point adjustable harness system with magnetic buckle for safety.  If they manage to get their arms free, they will be securely held by the leg straps (vice versa)

Adjustable footrests that do not require tools

Made from expanded polystyrene foam that is extremely lightweight (same foam used to make helmets) and easy to wipe clean

Bright sky blue colour helps with being visible in traffic and 1 large rear reflector are great added safety features

Can be locked to your bike to prevent theft or is easily, completely detached for storage

Comes fully assembled - no special tools are required

Not suitable for carbon frames

Material & manufacturing fault guarantee period of 2 years from date of purchase

The Thule Yepp Maxi Nexxt is a multi-award winning child bike seat designed by Yepp and now made by Thule


The Toddler Helmet is;

Ideal for the 1 to 4 yr old child.  Suiting a head circumference of 45 to 49cm (x-small) & 49 to 53cm (small).  The average head size for a 1 year old is 46cm.  See How to Size & Fit a Kids Bike Helmet for help deciding which helmet size is right for your child

The full head coverage styling provides protection low at the back of the head.  This style most closely imitates the skull and we believe should be used by all children who ride

Roc-Loc junior rear dial system to guarantee secure fit every time they wear it

Is extremely light weight which is ideal for young developing children, 251 grams

In-mold polycarbonate construction adds strength

A Pinch-guard buckle on the chin strap - amazingly simple to use and it is ponytail compatible

8 air vents to allow for air flow

Known as the Giro Scamp - the best kids option...and we think your child will agree


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