Bike Chain Lube Combo – All Riding Conditions


Choose the lube you need to apply based on the riding conditions – wet or dry.

All Weather Bike Chain Lube

Solution for... a natural lubricant that can be used throughout the year. This easy to apply lube leaves YOU with a chain that performs better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain. Gear changes and pedalling will be more efficient and smoother. Keeping your chain clean and well lubricated greatly reduces the chain and sprocket wear on your bike.

Features: A natural lanolin based Bio-lubricant, it is an all weather (wet & dry conditions) multi purpose chain lube for your bike chain. It is clean for the environment and 100% sustainable and renewable.  Has an easy to use chain guide.  It’s also versatile and can be used on brake levers, cables, bike locks or stubborn screws.  Long lasting 80ml bottle.

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Dry Conditions Bike Chain Lube

Solution for an environmentally friendly chain lube to care for your bike chain. This unique dry weather wax based lube is designed for dry summer trails and on road, good weather riding.  No oily residue makes it a great choice for commuters, no more greasy black hands or clothes.  Applying a dry lube will reduce friction and extend the life of your chain.This lube leaves YOU with a chain that looks good, performs better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain.

Features: 100ml recycle bottle easy to use

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In stock

The Chain Lube Combo is right for YOU because 
The Everyday Chain Lube is;

Is a wet (oil based) lube that sticks to your chain for efficient, smooth pedalling

Penetrates your chain links, protects, lubricates and prevents rust

Has an effective long nozzle for easy application

Wet lubes perform well in wet riding environments

Eco-friendly, non toxic, plant & natural ingredient based yet powerful. 100% recycled packaging that is recyclable.


The Dry Riding Conditions Lube is;

Is a wax that drys onto your chain leaving a lubricating film rather than oil

Has an effective long nozzle for easy application

Dry lubes work well in dry riding environments


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