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Be comfortable in a hard shell, full head unique helmet for adventurous kids.

Solution for… 1 to 12 year old kids who need a strong, durable, multi-sport helmet.  This lightweight street style helmet has safety certification to European standards across multiple sports – biking, skating, snow sports and water sports – NOT TO BE USED ON MOTORISED VEHICLES.

Features: Combines the soft fabric cover of an Egg Skin of your choice with the hard outer of an Egg Base Helmet (black) giving you fun with amazing function.  The unique, flexible, shock absorbing core and full head coverage means you get the protection you need for your kids to be safe.

KIDS Bike Helmet SIZING GUIDE. Measure first then buy. A helmet that fits is essential to keep your kids safe

Egg Helmet & Skin is right for YOUR family because;

They are an award winning multi-sport helmet with certifications for biking, skateboarding, snowsports and watersports. CE 1385, 1077, 1078

Patented multi-impact design meaning the flexible inner core of the helmet has excellent shock absorption and high speed rebound after impact

This is an incredibly strong, durable helmet that offers the very best in head protection your money can buy

Great option for adventurous young kids who participate in several sports

Also good for families who ride bikes in traffic.  With your child either in an attached kids bike seat or being towed

Comes in two size options. Small 48 to 52cm and Medium 52 to 56cm.  What size do you need? Read our How to Size Fit a Kids Bike Helmet guide

Lightweight for a street style helmet. Small 420gm, medium 449gms. Full coverage of the head including ears and very low at the back of the head

Can be easily personalised with the unique "Skin" system. Several designs to choose from, allowing you to change the look of the helmet between children or as their tastes change

A one touch chin strap system that connects to the core of your helmet at the side, giving you a pinch free locking experience that can be used while wearing gloves (great for biking or skiing). This can be right or left hand operated

Has an integrated air diffuser system to keep the head cool

Come with two sets of washable pads to create optimal fit

This multi-sport helmet is designed to withstand multiple impacts. But please remember to inspect your helmet regularly and after all "incidents" for signs of damage

Egg is design, engineered and produced in Holland

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"Small", "Medium"

Skin Design

"Yellow – Sam", " Pink Dot – Dorothy", "Blue Stars – Venus", "Silver Skin – Maya"


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