First Aid Refill Pack


Be Ready to refill your Compact First Aid Kit for Biking so every ride is a safe ride…

Solution for… keeping your first aid kit for biking – complete and always ready to use. You first aid kit should always be ready when you most need it.  The Refill Kit gives you the ability to restock your compact, portable First Aid Kit for Biking.  You can also add extras from the Refill Kit for bike touring or multi day adventures.  Be ready anytime, anywhere and ride with that knowledge and confidence.

Features: 70 essentials for First Aid, see detailed list below.

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The Compact First Aid Kit is right for you because

Refill kits provide convenience and safety to make sure you keep your first aid kit that you ride with full and complete

These refill packs are also a great way to bulk out your basic First Aid Kit for Biking when you are off on a tour or multi day adventure

The Refill Kit includes over 70 pieces:

1 x triangular bandage

1 x crepe bandage 7.5cm

8 x guaze squares (2pk)

1 x non-adherent dressing 7.5 x 10cm

1 x non-adherent dressing 5 x 10cm

1 x sterile skin closures 5pk

5 x splinter probes

40 x plasters

5 x elastic fabric dressings

4 x wound cleansing wipes

2 x saline solution

1 x paper tape roll

1 x CPR shield

2 x pair gloves

5 x cotton buds


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