Hand Painted Bicycle Bell


Let them know you are coming

Solution for… The cheerful sound of a ringing bicycle bell is recognised the world over and is an essential part of safely cycling in the modern environment. Having a hand painted bicycle bell enables you to communicate “Hey, I’m here” to those around you and what better way to do that than with a bell from goRide. You’re guaranteed to smile every time you use it.

Features; 55mm wide face so can be used on a wide range of handlebars – ideal for kids.  Instantly recognisable bike bell sound, ideal for use in urban and shared bike path environments.  Easy to operate index finger or thumb trigger – you choose where to position it – so kids will not struggle.  Bells are aluminium and attach to the most common handlebar width of 22.2mm. 

Black based bells fit a range of handlebars 15-24mm in diameter.  They come with additional padding for better fit. 

Blue based bells fit 22.2mm diameter handlebars.  This is what most bike handlebars are at their skinniest point.

Combine your Hand Painted Bicycle Bell with KIDS GRIPS, TODDLER GRIPS or a HANDLEBAR BAG and SAVE

Hand Painted Bicycle Bells are right for YOU because;

A bell will keep you safe in situations where you need to be heard - approaching other cyclists, on shared path ways, in traffic

Easily recognisable ding dong bell sound - anyone who hears will know a cyclist is near.  Trigger is finger or thumb operated and very easy for kids to use

Beautifully hand painted so no two bells are identical.  Sealed for protection

Appealing to both adult and children for the creative and fun designs

55mm across top of bell and easy to attach to the handlebar of a bike, scooter and some balance bikes

Black bells come with padding for adjusting to different size handlebars 15-24mm.  The black base bell has a smaller central screw

Blue based bells are ideal for 22.2mm handlebar diameter - most kids bikes will be this size next to the handlebar grip.  The blue bell has a larger protruding central bolt

Bell parts & fixtures need to be protected from the rain so please store your bike inside or under a roof

New Zealand designed, and hand painted in Nelson, by goRide


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goRide with a Hand Painted Bicycle Bell

hand painted bicycle bell
Hand painted bicycle bell
hand painted bicycle bell
hand painted bicycle bell

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