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Solution for… As this fitting is not easily moved between bikes it’s a great idea to get a second fitting for use on a second adult bike.  The Do Little Retro Fitting is designed to be used with “Retro” style bikes – these are bikes that have no top tube or an extremely sloping top tube.  This frame style is quite often called a women’s step through or town bike.  The retro fitting allows you to mount the Do Little Kids Bike Seat onto your frame by providing a horizontal attachment surface.

Features: Padding and screw on clamp system that is compatible with carbon frames.

Please note: the retro fitting is supplied with every Do Little that is sold.

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Do Little Retro Fitting;

  • attaches to the sloping down tube of your step through bike frame creating an attachment place for the Do Little Kids Bike Seat
  • also attaches to double down bike frames.  Bikes with top tubes that slope at the same angle as the down tube.  See photo above.
  • is easily fitted with only a flathead screwdriver required
  • sold with the Do Little Kids Bike Seat so you only need to buy a second fitting to use a second adult bike
  • this is a NZ designed & made product meant for use with the Do Little kids bike seat
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