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Night Mountain Biking Light- Handlebar (Ride up to 2 hours)


get Safe, go Explore…so you can SMILE year round

“Mountain Bike night riding lights give YOU the ability to goRide your favourite trails year round. It offers a different mountain biking experience.

This handle bar light will light up the trail and help you know your riding line by illuminating the bumps, lumps and humps of the trail. At 2100 lumens this light can be used on its own as a handlebar light but for your ultimate safety and enjoyment use in conjunction with a helmet light (helmet light illuminates the surrounding environment and corners) increasing your awareness of the trail. See Front Bike Light Set This light is purchased with a rechargeable lithium ion 4 cell battery (if your riding time is less than 1 hour 45 min) or if you prefer a longer riding time purchased with a 6 cell battery (if your riding time is less than 2 hours 45min). See Front Handlebar Light (up to 3 hours)

$3.00 Nationwide Delivery, within 3 working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item. (except if you are buying multiple large items)


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Gemini Olympia 2100 Lumens – 4 cell battery

Brightness: 2100 lumens (maximum)

Modes: 4 levels – low / medium/ high / flash you can programme to level of brightness to match the type of riding you do. Therefore this light is suitable for multi-use -the low mode can be programmed to be suitable for a night riding light.

Battery : Rechargeable Lithium ion. Recharge after every use. Battery separate to the light. (Not integrated) 4 cell battery weighs 229g.

Riding Time: 4 cell battery. At 2100 = ride time 1hour 45min. At 1200 = ride time 2hour 45min.

Mounts:  Ideally suited as a handlebar light. Flexible -Silicon O ring attachment for ease of on and off when you want to head out for a night ride.  The light does come with helmet mount and a head strap. Due to the weight of the 6 cell battery it is not suitable for the head strap or helmet mount.

Safety: Wireless remote that can be positioned next to the handlebars. Low battery indicator

1 year warranty.

Included in your purchase is:

4-Cell  Battery
Smart Charger
Built-in Handlebar Mount
Helmet Mount
Head Strap Mount
Silicone O-Rings
Extension Cable
Wireless Remote

Can be purchased with a 6 cell battery for Longer riding time. FIND OUT MORE



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