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Reclined Trailing 1/2 Bike & Kids Recreation Helmet Combo


get Ready, go Explore…”two great products for kids to safely enjoy riding adventures”

Solution for…  This half bike keeps your 2 to 9 year old child safe in the most comfortable towed trailing bike there is.  Add to that a well designed helmet with a great adjustment system for growing heads.   Get the protection of a harnessed seat which is perfect for younger children and a helmet that comes in 2 sizes fitting kids from 2 to 12 years.  A great investment for families who choose to ride regularly for transport but also want to explore and have adventures.  Get peace of mind with an awesome low centre of gravity towing option and lightweight full head protection.

Features:  Reclined Half Bike:  The single wheel slim but sturdy design of the trailer means it will safely follow your bike wherever you choose to go.  A low centre of gravity keeps both the adult and child really well balanced.  The WeeHoo Turbo bike seat offers you a totally unique trailing bike experience.  This seat also provides you with outstanding storage in the form of small rear panniers plus various pockets.  Pedal assist is available otherwise your child can rest, eat or even sleep.

Features: Kids Recreation Helmet: full head coverage yet lightweight, and in mold polycarbonate construction gives added strength & durability.  Then you get the added benefits of an Ergo Dial fitting system which is easy to use and the chin buckle is pinch guarded.  Everything we ask you to find in a kids or youth helmet

Both the Reclined Half Bike and the Kids Recreation Helmet are sold seperately


KIDS Bike Helmet SIZING GUIDE. Measure first then buy. A helmet that fits is essential to keep your kids safe

DELIVERY Please click for detailed information of the cost to deliver the Trailing 1/2 Bike & Recreation Helmet Combo (oversize item) within 3-5 working days.  You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items).

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The Reclined Trailing 1/2 Bike & Recreation Helmet Combo is right for YOUR family because;
The 1/2 bike is
  • designed for towing behind an adult bike on long rides, bike path commuting, off road single track or trails, and everywhere else a bike can take your family
  • is the only trailing bike on the market with an adjustable harness system for securing your child to the seat so perfect to start your child as young as 2 years
  • unique reclined single seat design with single wheel gives you a low to the ground, narrow trailing bike with storage.  This design achieves excellent balance and is easy for the adult to tow and maintain control over
  • compatible with 26 inch, 27.5 & 29inch, 600c, 700c rear wheel circumference
  • attaches to your bike via a quick release hitch system that is placed on your seat post (see…Will a WeeHoo attach to your bike?).  You will need 50mm of clear space directly above your seat post tube on the seat post
  • the attachment system comes with 6 choices of diameter to match to your seat post
  • suitable for children over a wide age range, 2 to 9 years, making this trailer a great investment and durable enough to last through several children
  • the pedal system allows your child to choose their level of activity – they can pedal or sit back and enjoy the ride
  • the passenger and cargo weight should not exceed 36kg
  • comes with 8L of storage in small rear panniers, plus a net compartment on the back of the seat and a water bottle holder and side pocket on the arm rests
  • approximately 122cm x 35.5cm x 81cm” without attachment arm.  With the arm 202cm” x 35.5cm” x 81cm” and weighs 12.2kgs
  • can be used with the WeeHoo All Weather Cover giving you greater weather protection and prolonging your seasons of use
  • known as the WeeHoo iGo Turbo.  WeeHoo want your family to explore, be curious & ride more with WeeHoo Bike Trailers & Trailer Bikes


The Kids Recreation Helmet is 
  • the ideal helmet for kids to use in all the environments that they ride in – town, bike paths, gravel, easy up to intermediate trails
  • the full head coverage styling provides protection low at the back of the head.  This style most closely imitates the skull and we believe should be used by all children who ride
  • two sizes available. See Sizing Guide for more information
    • The Sidetrack Youth –  ideal for your older child approximately 6 to 12yrs of age with a head circumference 50 to 57cm.
    • The Sidetrack Child –  ideal for the younger rider approximately 3 to 8yrs of age with a head circumference of 47 to 54cm.
  • in mold polycarbonate shell adding strength and durability to the helmet
  • is lightweight, weighing 300gms
  • has an easy to use ergo dial fit system – makes fitting the helmet to the head easy
  • has a pinch guard buckle on the chin strap to avoid any nasty accidents
  • known as the Bell Sidetrack. Bell is a market leader in helmet design and production
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Additional information

Helmet Colour

"Red", "Berry"

Helmet Size

"Child 47 to 54cm", "Youth 50 to 57cm"


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