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“A second adaptor allows you to quickly move your Thule Mini Kids Seat to a second bike”

Solution for… The Thule Mini Adaptor clamps onto your handlebar stem to allow attachment of the Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini to a bike.  This adaptor is sold with every Thule so a second one is only needed if you want to use your seat with a second bike.  Only compatible with the Nexxt version of the Mini seats made or owned by Thule.

Features:  Durable clamp that is attached using an Allen Key.  Allows quick and easy attachment of a Thule Mini front bike seat.

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The Thule Mini Adaptor:

  • purchasing a second adaptor allows you to use your Thule Mini child seat on a second bike –  compatible with Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini.  Not compatible with Thule Yepp Mini or Thule Ridalong Mini
  • this adaptor is the standard adaptor sold with every Front Seat – Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini
  • clamps to the stem of your handlebar allowing attachment of the Thule Mini front seat
  • compatible with both threaded and threadless stems 20-28mm diameter
  • the Thule Mini seat is recommended for use with young babies & toddlers 9mths to 3yrs Note: Children need to be able to support themselves seated to use a Mini seat and be old enough to wear a helmet
  • is a Thule Mini accessory – see below for more info on the Thule Mini Front Seat
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