Town/Tour Grip for Upright Riders and Minimal Bell COMBO


Be Safe, Be comfortable… grips for comfort & a bell for safety 

Stylish & functional riding for upright riders.  Be comfortable and safe in environments you share with others.

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Town/Tour Grip for Upright Riders

Solution for... stylish & functional these grips are a favourite of ours for upright recreation riders.  Ergon is renowned for excellent design and they have combined all they know about perfect hand placement with 'BioCork'.  Cork not only adds visual appeal but is a surprisingly gentle and secure surface to grip - just what you need if you're a regular town rider, long commuter, fitness rider or enjoy touring.  Great grip for E-Bike riders.

Features;  appealing wing design to support great hand placement.  Cork provides a secure grip surface.  The 'greenest' handlebar grip available - plant based materials, sustainably sourced and recyclable.  Invest in a durable pair of grips that will see you through years of riding with very happy hands/wrists/shoulders!

Handlebar Grip SIZING GUIDE. A good fit is key to good performance and safety

Minimal Bike Bell

Solution for... wanting a bell so you can be heard & safe but preferring a bell that is discreet & stylish.  With perfect pitch & volume, this new product from Knog is totally unique in its low profile design. Helping you and others to enjoy the outdoors by letting people know you are coming.

Features:  The Knog Oi comes in two sizes small and large and will fit almost all handlebar diameters. What is the right size for your handlebars see our sizing guide. Easy to mount with an instantly recognisable bike bell sound.

MINIMAL BIKE SIZING GUIDE. Find out if you need a LARGE or SMALL Oi by using our sizing guide.

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The Upright Grip & Minimal Bell Combo is the perfect solution for YOU because;
The Town/Tour Grip is:

Designed for regular town riding, long commuting, fitness or simple tour riding

The winged design is a perfect match for upright recreation riders (65 to 90 degree body position) who use their bikes daily/weekly and choose to ride all year around

The 'BioCork' used to construct these grips is sourced from sustainable forests in Portugal.  The inner core is made from reinforced plastic utilising natural fibres. The clamp is cold forged aluminium that is 100% recyclable.  And finally, the black pad is plant based material.  This makes the grip the greenest available on todays market

Cork is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial substance that provides a gentle, slip free surface

As with all Ergon grips these grips are designed with perfect hand placement in mind.  Ergonomics is the most noticeable feature in this appealing winged design, alleviating any discomfort or numbness experienced with time on your bike

Size small to fit womens sized hands - to get the perfect feel for your hands or for riders who prefer not to ride with gloves

Known as the Ergon BioCork Grip.  Ergon lead the way in handlebar grip innovation and design


The Minimal Bike Bell is:

A sleek, minimalist bike bell designed with the shape of your handlebar in mind

Perfect for a variety of riding environments including mountain biking

Unique in it's non protruding profile

Comes in two sizes; small - 22.2mm diameter which is 18gms, large ranges from 25.4 to 31.8mm diameter which is 25gms (includes spacers)

Easy to mount (allen/hex key included) and has space to run cables

Currently available in two stylish finishes black & silver

Great pitch & length of ring, the strike is firm & fast giving good volume

Instantly recognisable as a bike bell, keeping you safe

Known as the Knog Oi Bike Bell.  Knog is an Australian bike accessory company famous for making fun, practical bike gear


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