Waterproof Poncho & Visibility Light Set COMBO


get Ready, be Dry & Seen. “Ride with a Waterproof Poncho & Visibility Light Set”

Solution for… a practical & easily carried addition to your riding wardrobe to keep you dry & safe.  The waterproof poncho is perfect for town, urban, commute style riding.  It is a well designed highly waterproof, quality jacket.  Amazing coverage of your hands, legs & thighs!  Excellent power for size in this set of rechargeable lights that are perfect for use in poor weather conditions.

Features: Waterproof Poncho: Highly waterproof TPU coating to keep the rain out.  Poncho styling allows great coverage over the handlebars – where it can be secured – and low over the back of your seat.  Keeps your body & legs covered & protected.  Adjustable waistband to secure in wind and domes to create sleeves if desired.  A flexible, durable jacket meant for regular rain or winter riding.  High-vis piping all around edges of the poncho and two reflective panels to ensure visibility at night or in poor weather conditions.  We encourage bright clothing choices for riding so the yellow and red are recommended for in traffic riding.

Features: Visibility Light Set: These lights are designed for traffic situations offering a variety of flashing modes so that you will be seen during the day, in poor weather or in twilight conditions. Both the front and rear light are USB rechargeable & waterproof.  This is the perfect safety bike light set. Lightweight, portable lights that can be easily attached in a variety of places on you or the bike.


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Waterproof Poncho & Visibility Light Set Combo is right for YOU because;
The Waterproof Poncho is
    • the perfect match to town or commute riding either on or off road (cycleways, bike paths) in rain or winter conditions.  This could be town, commuting or E-Bike riding
    • ideal waterproof poncho for use to keep you warm, dry and comfortable
    • this unisex rain jacket suits men, women & youth who would like to be dry when they choose to ride, whatever the conditions
    • the most versatile, waterproof, breathable and packable rain protection designed with cycling in mind but also a great product to have for walking and simple tramping
    • waistband to prevent any flapping up in windy conditions and to ensure stability while cycling
    • straps fitted on the inside that hook onto the handlebars so your legs & thighs stay covered & dry
    • highly waterproof TPU material; 300T Pongee polyester (highest-grade durable polyester), Waterproof 12,000 mm/cm2 water column pressure (highly waterproof) TPU coating (membrane), Tricot Knit – ensures breathability
    • dimensions: B 130 x 97 cm L (without hood) that packs down into a bag with carry strap for maximum ease of use and transport
    • one Size, unisex and weight: 460g which is lightweight and dinky enough to be carried anywhere
    • water resistant zippered front pouch to store valuables & keys. If in severe rain it is recommended you double bag your phone or electrical items
    • adjustable peaked hood that can be tweaked for desired fit
    • elastic toggles at neck and back of head to adjust to your head size
    • 3 Poppers/domes at either side to make sleeves when required
    • high-vis piping all around edges of the poncho and two reflective panels to ensure visibility at night or in poor weather conditions
    • extra stretch forehead panel to follow head’s movements
    • this is the Peoples Choice Poncho. A unique and well designed brand inspired by Asian monsoon rains

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The Visibility Bike Light Set includes
  • a Front Visibility Lezyne light which offers impressive brightness & light beam from 3 LED bike lights
  • a Rear Visibility Lezyne light which offers a wide red light beam from 3 LED bike lights
A Visibility Bike Light SET is right for you & your family because;
  • it is a light that offers a really powerful, ultra-visible light beam in a small & compact design
  • perfect for low light, adverse weather and all day time riding to increase your visibility in traffic.  Can be used in conjunction with another more powerful rear light for night time moderate to heavy traffic riding.  We recommend stacking rear lights for the ultimate in rear visibility – See Rear Light Stacking Set
  • great to carry & pull out & attach whenever needed
  • both front & rear lights have three LED lights with 8 modes, blast, enduro, economy, flash 1,2,3, day flash 1,2 (flashing lights are ideal for catching drivers attention in busy traffic situations)
  • offers a variety of lumen (brightness) settings from 5 to 250 – can be seen from a great distance
  • USB rechargeable, 2.5 hours so can be charged overnight and used again the following day
  • front light has long last economy mode lasts up to 11.5hrs, 4.5hrs on amazingly bright day time flash mode
  • rear light has long last economy mode lasts up to 24hrs, 9hrs on amazingly bright day time flash mode – again it gives you options for use depending on the ride time and environment
  • intelligent Power Indicator displays battery life and provides side visibility
  • durable composite matrix construction featuring a machined aluminium faceplate
  • easy, no tools required, attachment to handlebars, seat post, carrier rack, bags, helmets via strap or clip on options.  This rear light can literally be attached to anything making it really versatile and useable
  • waterproof for peace of mind that it will work in the rain
  • rear weighs 69gms, front weights 47gms – lightweight & portable – has a clip attach as well as flexible rubber mount
  • made by Lezyne.  Lezyne make functional well designed dependable bike lights

Both the Front and Rear Visibility lights are sold separately.  goRide recommends vertical stacking of rear bike lights for the ultimate in visibility protection so consider buying more than one rear light.  We also recommend bike light use whenever you ride in or around traffic to provide increased visibility

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Jacket Colour

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