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get Ready, go Explore…so you & your family can SMILE when you ride

“Riding with your child offers so many opportunities for adventure”

The WeeHoo Weather Cover system offers you a totally unique trailer bike experience.  This combined sun shade and rain/wind protector can be used separately.  Easy installation means you can choose what you require in any weather situation.  Use the sun shade all the time and then simply add the cover when needed – it can be stored in a pannier bag.  The ability to protect your child from a range of weather conditions gives you the ability to ride more places, more often in comfort.

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The WeeHoo Weather Cover is right for YOUR FAMILY because;
  • it is compatible with all new WeeHoo models from 2018 onwards including the Reclined Trailing 1/2 Bike known as the WeeHoo Turbo.  This WeeHoo Weather Cover protects your child from the elements
  • includes a sun shade which can be used in all conditions, and a removable rain/wind shell which can be installed in cold and wet weather, then stowed in the pannier bag
  • simple and easy to install the sun shade, and the shell is zipped on & off
  • enables you to ride in a wider variety of weather situations knowing your child will be comfortable & protected
  • easy to store in the panniers on the WeeHoo Turbo for peace of mind on longer rides
  • the WeeHoo Weather Cover is from the WeeHoo Turbo range of products
A Reclined Trailing 1/2 Bike is
  • designed for towing behind an adult bike on long rides, bike path commuting, off road single track or trails, and everywhere else a bike can take your family
  • is the only trailing bike on the market with an adjustable harness system for securing your child to the seat so perfect to start your child as young as 2 years
  • unique reclined single seat design with single wheel gives you a low to the ground, narrow trailing bike with storage.  This design achieves excellent balance and is easy for the adult to tow and maintain control over



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WeeHoo Weather Cover - seat stories
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