Upright Recreation Saddle & Padded Underwear COMBO


Enjoy the comfort and protection this seat & padded underwear combo provides while riding in town, on short commutes or easy trails.  Also great for E-Bikes.

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goUnders for Women

Solution for... hidden comfort & protection while riding around town, on your local trails or with the kids.  goUnders will keep you comfortable, and if you want, stylish on your bike because you can wear whatever you want over them.  Hop off your bike and you will get ease of movement with these, New Zealand made, padded cycling underwear for women, proudly designed by goRide.  Perfect for those new to riding who want to try out cycling with padded protection.

Features; A soft cotton feel fabric that has stretch & durability as well as being sustainably & safely produced. A slim, Italian made (Elastic Interface), minimal pad, designed for both on & off road cycling, offers excellent protection from your saddle without uncomfortable bulk. We have designed two waistband height options, high or mid waist.

The High Waist will sit at or just below you waist level and this style is currently available in Navy Blue/Sky Blue and Teal/Mint (Black is on its way), sizes 8 to 22.

The Mid Waist band sits at what we call mid rise, this should be for most people across the top of your hips. The Mid Waist comes in Teal/Mint and Black/Black, sizes 8 to 18. 

LEARN MORE: What is the right waist height for you?  Womens goUnders Style Guide  

WOMENS goUnders SIZING GUIDE. A good fit is key to good performance from your riding clothing

Womens Upright Recreation Saddle

Solution for women who ride in an upright position. Enjoy the comfort and protection this seat provides while riding in town, on short commutes or easy trails.  Also great for E-Bikes and ideal for those new to, or returning to riding.

Features: A wide saddle that provides cushioning and support in the tail bone area. A thin gel layer adds protection in the rear giving you comfort on a bike seat that is meant to be ridden more places, more often.  Cut-out in the seat to relieve any pressure on your genital area.  Terry Womens Bike Saddles are a well known trusted brand that designs specifically for women.



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The Upright Recreation Saddle & Padded Underwear Combo is right for YOU because:
Padded Underwear are;

Cycling underwear designed to be worn under your favourite clothes while riding

Wear instead of ordinary underwear - that's right - replaces your underwear.  Great for people new to the idea of wearing padded cycling pants against their skin

Ideal for use when riding in town, on bike paths, simple trails, short mountain bike riding - best used for under 2 hours ride time

Full brief - mid waist height - in design to ensure firm, non slipping, placement of the padded cycling chamois

Made from 11% EmPower Supplex Lycra (polyamide with lycra) giving you a great fit with ease of movement - 4 way stretch.  EmPower Supplex is a firmer/stronger fabric known for its 'hold in' sensation, giving women smoother contours and great support, as the fabric has a mild lift and compression effect. It is long lasting and doesn't shrink, pill, fade, or lose it's shape - 260gsm which is a leading weight for performance fabrics

The dyes are bluesign® approved for responsible & sustainable fabric production and the fabric itself is OekoTex® 100 Certified for harmful substances.  Giving you a product that is not only functional and high quality but at the forefront of an environmentally conscious manufacturing process

Gives ease of movement both on and off the bike as the slim Italian made chamois (Elastic Interface) provides maximum protection with minimum bulk

The minimalist pad can be used on rides up to 2 hrs in duration and will wick moisture & breathe keeping you dry and comfortable

Easy to care for, goUnders can be machine-washed on a low to cold setting 

Comes in several colour choices and a range of sizes 8 to 18, see our sizing chart above

goUnders are made in Nelson, New Zealand by goRide.  Exclusively available here, in the goRide Shop

The Womens Upright Recreation Bike Saddle is 

A womens bike saddle designed for upright recreation riding.  For those who ride for fitness and/or round town transport. Ideal for anyone new to or returning to riding.

Specific shape and support for riding positions that are upright to mid (slight forward bend, 65 degree to 90 degree upright)

Great for round town & recreation riding with its protective gel layer and rear tail bone padding

Designed for short to medium length riding, less than 1.5 hours

Has a cut-out in the front of the saddle to relieve compression and feelings of numbness in the genital area

Features a stylish synthetic cover with screen printed graphics on the nose

Is 249mm x 175mm (length x width) making it the shortest and widest saddle we offer, again making it perfect for upright riding

Weighs 454 grams with steel rails for attachment to your seat post (see attachment guides below)

Is a Terry Bicycle saddle designed in the USA and called the Cite X Gel. All Terry saddles are designed to support the width of the female pelvic bones.  More on Terry Bicycling here

Made in Taiwan

Special 30 day return policy applies meaning you can trial your saddle and return it if you're not satisfied (see link above)

Exclusively available in NZ at goRide

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"8", "10", "12", "14", "16", "18"


"Teal/Mint", "Black", "Red/Pink"

goUnders for Women

Waist Height

"High Waist", "Mid Waist"


"Teal/Mint", "Black"


"8", "10", "12", "14", "16", "18"


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