Mountain Bike Helmet & Hydration Backpack COMBO


get Safe, be Protected with these 2 great products a Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet & Hydration Backpack

Solution for…womens mountain bike helmet with specific features and protection for intermediate to advanced mountain biking as well as a well designed hydration backpack so you can carry essential items while on the trail. This combo is ideal for all aspects of mountain biking – enduro, cross country, all mountain &  back country riding.

Features; Helmet: It has extended rear head coverage yet it is lightweight.  It provides ideal impact protection for mountain biking with its MIP system, (which distributes the force of an angled impact) reducing the risk of head injury.  One hand dial adjust ability for secure fit and full goggle compatibility with rear grip surface.  Also features a breakaway camera or light mount and impressive anti-microbial brow pad that can absorb up to ten-times its weight in sweat.

Hydration backpack: Designed for women with comfort in mind. Well shaped and cushioned straps. Up to 3 Litre hydration bladder. BPA Free  goRide is impressed with this backpack design – it shifts the weight of your load low close to your waist giving you better control of your riding position and better control on the bike. Well designed for carrying and organising additional gear – whether that be tools(in the tool organiser), items of clothing or carrying your helmet when not on the bike.

BIKE HELMET SIZING GUIDE. A good fit is essential for your safety

DELIVERY: Please click for detailed information of the cost to deliver the Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet & Hydration Backpack(small item $3) within 3-5 working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items).


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The Womens Mountain Bike Helmet & Hydration Backpack is right for you because;
The Hydration Backpack is a
    • Well organised storage capacity of 10 Litre giving you multiple gear carrying options. – tools/ jackets/merino/ first aid kit. Including a stretch overflow pocket for that quick stash of a layer and ability to carry your helmet when not in use.
    • Easy to use  3L Hydration Bladder and Tube (Crux™ LR Reservoir) giving excellent flow rates of water. The magnetic tube trap: keeps your tube secure and accessible when you need it
    • Hydration Bladder is BPA Free
    • Women Specific Design supports your comfort –  the S-Shaped Harness is engineered to fit a woman’s frame. The wide waist belt optimizes fit and with its cargo pockets keeps essentials close at hand
    • Wide waist strap. sternum(chest) strap and compression straps  helps keep the backpack and its load stable on your back.
    • Maximized ventilation for increased riding comfort- Ventilated Back Panel and waist strap
    • Designed so that you get the load off your upper back and are carrying the load lower on your lower back/pelvis minimising the change in riding position due to load.
    • BPA Free
The Womens Mountain Bike Helmet is
    • designed for technical intermediate to advanced mountain biking in mountain bike parks, on trails and for multi-day adventureideal when speed, jumping or technical riding is being done
    • the full head coverage styling provides protection low at the back of the head.  This style most closely imitates the skull and we believe should be used by the majority of riders.  (Including road riders unless you are a performance/racing athlete seeking aerodynamic features in a helmet)
    • full wrap in-mold polycarbonate thickened shell with EPS liner for performance level strength
    • is a high performance helmet that has MIPS, Multi-directional Impact Protection System.  This is designed to protect the riders head by redirecting and spreading impact in certain types of crashes
    • has a Roc-Loc Air fitting system that improves ventilation while providing great fit.  Can be vertically adjusted as well.  This ensures a secure fit to your head every time you ride
    • has full goggle integration and rear goggle strap grips.  Along with full camera/light mount with breakaway interface
    • 16 vents that allow internal airflow over the head keeping you cool on hot riding days & antimicrobial padding
    • comes in two sizes made specifically for women.  Small, 51 to 55cm, Medium, 55 to 59cm.  See our Helmet Size & Fitting Information page to get the right size.
    • known as the Giro Montara Womens Helmet.  Giro is a market leader in helmet design
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Helmet Size

"Small 51 to 55cm", "Medium 55 to 59cm"


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