Mountain Bike Saddle & Fingerless Glove COMBO


get Safe, be Comfortable & Protected – with a mountain bike saddle & fingerless glove combo

Solution for… comfort & protection while you enjoy riding your mountain bike.  The womens mountain bike & fingerless endurance glove combo allows you to ride comfortably whether you are riding regularly, training or off on a bike packing adventure.  Ideal for cushioning, comfort and protection for longer times on the trails.  Perfect for riding in warm weather.

Features Saddle; Mountain bike specific support & shape allows great range of movement but still provides support through upright to low riding positions.  Sleek, low profile and strong durable design delivers a seat that can withstand frequent use and challenging environments. Includes genital cutout to prevent discomfort.

Features Gloves; Enjoy 3mm of well placed gel padding at points of potential compression.  A tailored ‘SuperFit’ minimises excess material, so you get maximum control and handlebar feel. This combo delivers all you need for mountain biking in a variety of environments.

Both the Mountain Bike Saddle & the Womens Endurance Glove – Fingerless are sold separately

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The Womens Mountain Bike Saddle & Fingerless Glove is right for YOU because
A MTB Saddle is
  • designed for women’s mountain biking from fitness riding through to performance, including E-Mountain Bikes 
  • supports riding positions from upright to fully bent forward which covers the full spectrum of where you can end up when mountain biking
  • great for regular mountain bike riding with its shape & padding designed to support at critical points but not interfere with leg movement
  • recommended for mid to long riding, times up to and greater than 2hours
  • comfort & support comes from the womens specific width, cut-out for genital relief, minimal cushioning & mountain bike specific design
  • is 262mm x 150mm (length x width) – long length and narrow width so provides contact and feeling of support for multiple positions and movement on the bike
  • weighs 255grams with Manganese rails (strong) for attachment to your seat post (see attachment guide below)
  • made from Grey or Rosa – pink – Fibra-Tek, featuring a fun silver de-bossed trail map
  • is a Terry Bicycle saddle designed in the USA and called the Topo Saddle. Terry saddles are designed to support the width of the female pelvic bones.  More on Terry Bicycling here
  • made in Italy
  • special 30 day return policy applies meaning you can trial your saddle and return it if you’re not satisfied (see link above)
  • exclusively available in NZ at goRide

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The Womens Fingerless Endurance Gloves are
  • the ideal endurance, multi-environment womens glove. Performing well on a variety of surfaces and giving fingerless protection on regular or E-Bikes
  • ideal for all year use, especially good in the warmer months
  • perfect match to regular mountain biking, gravel roads, bike packing, touring, E-Bike use, multi-day adventures, long commute riding
  • great to give you comfort and protection after time & distance on the bike.  A balance between superb fit & lightweight, padded durability
  • technical features support longer distance riding of 1.5 hours or more, and multi-day, multi-environment adventures
  • the palm is made from Clarino™ synthetic leather for enhanced durability – 60% Nylon, 40% Polyurethane
  • fabrics provide movement and temperature control.  The upper has a 4-way stretch & moisture-wicking breathable mesh – 90% Nylon, 10% Polyester
  • highly absorbent micro fibre wiping surface; sonic-welded pull tab; low-profile Velcro closure
  • compression & vibration protection provided by padding that includes 3mm of gel
  • comes in a range of sizes from Small to Large – good fit is important please see our sizing guide (link above)
  • it is a Giro glove called the Tessa Gel Womens.  Giro make a wide range of bike accessories and are known for producing durable, high quality garments
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mountain bike saddle & fingerless glove combo
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