Womens Recreation Grip & Fingerless Glove COMBO


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This youth/adult grip & youth/adult glove combo gives you essential protection for enjoyable, relaxed riding adventures.


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Recreation Grip

Solution for... Slim, lightweight and colourful addition to your handlebars for a variety of riding - around town, commuting, riding to school, mountain biking and bike path riding. Great choice for teenagers, also those wanting a well priced, basic grip that suits smaller hands (women) or riders who like to wear well padded gloves.

Features; half micro-hex, half mushroom pattern gives a comfortable, effective, vibration absorbing, gripping surface.  Simple lock on attachment makes installing the grips easy.  Sold as a pair.

Handlebar Grip SIZING GUIDE. A good fit is key to good performance and safety

Fingerless Recreation Gloves - Women & Youth Girls

Solution for... recreation riding, on or off road, riding up to 2 hours in length.  Great glove for youth riders. This is a durable, lightweight and stylish glove making it perfect for town, commute, E-Bike riding, easy mountain biking and gravel roads.  Ideal comfort and protection for a more relaxed schedule of short daily or weekly riding.  Perfect gloves for riding in mild to warm conditions.

Features: Slip on style with minimal padding keeps the connection strong between your hand and the handlebar.  A flexible yet durable glove meant for regular riding throughout the warmer months.  Great stretch & fit means an easy to use performance level glove for a great price.  Padding & protection suited to smoother riding surfaces.

Youth/Mens version available HERE

Womens Bike Glove SIZING GUIDE. A good fit is key to good performance from your riding clothing

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The Recreation Grip & Recreation Glove Combo is the best solution for YOU because;

The Grips are;

A great match for general everyday/fitness/basic mountain bike riding. Correct size for youth/adult handlebar

Slim design, 31mm, is perfectly matched to smaller hands (women/youth) or those who wear padded gloves

Single lock on clamp means easy, hassle free attachment to the handlebars

The 135mm length is a good length choice for most riders

Half micro-hex patterned Kraton rubber gives an extra element to the grip surface at your fingertips, ensuring a secure hold in most riding conditions including the wet

Half mushroom texture is included to help with reducing vibration

Great range of colours available including red, blue, green & black

Known as the Fabric Fun Guy Grip.  Fabric make a range of good quality, reasonably priced bike accessories


The Youth/Adult Recreation Glove is;

The perfect match to recreation riding in warm riding conditions.  This could be town, trails or relaxed multi-day adventures

Ideal hot weather glove for use in the warmer seasons

Great for those who like minimal padding in a performance level glove

Designed for short to medium length riding, less than 2 hours on smoother surfaces & trails

Is a slip on minimalist feel glove providing good control.  The second skin/tailored fit is designed for female or male hand sizes

Microfiber palm featuring a Sonic-welded pull tab - 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

Upper made from moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch lycra

Highly absorbent micro fibre wiping surface, low-profile Velcro® closure - 57% Nylon, 20% Polyester, 13% Spandex, 10% Cotton

Comes in a range of sizes from Small to Large, please see the Sizing Guide to get a good fit (link above)

This is a Giro glove called the Jagette Womens Glove. Giro make a wide range of bike accessories and are known for producing durable, high quality garments


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