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Youth Traffic Helmet & Visibility Light Set COMBO


get Safe, be protected – with a “Youth Traffic Helmet & visibility Light set Combo”

Solution for…  protection for older kids or youth, from approximately 10yrs+, when riding with the family or out on their own.  Amazingly functional products to increase their visibility in traffic. The light set suits day time, twilight riding, well lit night riding – great for town riding, teens commuting to school or sports practices.  Easy to use & manage – attach in multiple ways.  goRide recommends vertical stacking of rear lights which this combo of products provides – one high on your helmet, second rear light on your bag or seat post.  This helmet & light combo is a great, practical solution for youth, to keep them safe when on the bike.

Features: Helmet: Full head coverage yet lightweight, high performance construction giving good strength & durability.  Easy to use fitting system that helps keep the helmet snug on their head.   Plus integrated MIPS (Multi directional Impact Protection System) technology.  A removable visor and impressive venting to keep them cool.  Everything we ask you to find in a youth helmet.  Available in two sizes fitting a 50 to 57cm head circumference or 54 to 61cm.  Easy to install rear vent light with two modes including flashing to catch driver attention.

Features: Front & Rear Lights: Portable, USB rechargeable lights, designed for quick, easy attachment.  A breeze to get on and off handlebars, seat posts, carrier racks, bags. The perfect waterproof safety light set – front & rear light included.  Variety of modes & brightness settings, battery life indicator and dependable run times.


 Traffic Helmet SIZING GUIDE.  Getting the right size is key to good performance from your bike gear.
DELIVERY: Please click for detailed information of the cost to deliver the Youth Traffic Helmet & Light Combo (small item) within 3-5 working days. You can buy as many products as you like and you will only pay postage for the largest item (except if you are buying multiple large items).
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The Youth Traffic Helmet & Visibility Light Combo is right for YOUR FAMILY because;
The Youth Traffic Helmet is
        • ideal for an older child or teenager who regularly rides in traffic, to school, around town for sports or hobbies
        • this is also a great mountain bike helmet because of its MIPS system and strength – see more on MIPS below
        • the best match to increasing visibility in traffic as the main rear vent has a light
        • the full head coverage styling provides protection low at the back of the head.  This style most closely imitates the skull and we believe should be used by all children who ride but particularly by teenagers who ride in traffic
        • has two size options.  Tremor with a head circumference 50 to 57cm or Fixture with 54 to 61cm….  See our Sizing Guide as it is very important to get the correct size helmet for your child
        • has MIPS (Multi directional Impact Protection System).  This is designed to protect the riders head by redirecting and spreading impact in certain types of crashes.  This system is not often found in a child/youth size helmet and again is a great feature when the likelihood of crashing is higher
        • in mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner adds strength and durability to the helmet, on impact this is very important to distribute force
        • 18 vents plus quick dry padding to assist in cooling and staying dry
        • has an easy to use Roc Loc Sport fit system
        • removable visor
        • no tools required for installation of light
        • batteries are included: 2 CR2032
        • IP standard waterproof to IP-65
        • lumen or brightness of the light: Run time: Steady 5 lumen, 7 hr runtime; Strobe 5 lumen, 12 hr runtime
        • known as the Giro Tremor in the small size & the Giro Fixture in medium. Giro is a market leader in helmet design



The Visibility Bike Light Set includes
  • a Front Visibility Lezyne light which offers impressive brightness & light beam from 3 LED bike lights
  • a Rear Visibility Lezyne light which offers a wide red light beam from 3 LED bike lights
A Visibility Bike Light SET is right for you & your family because;
  • it is a light that offers a really powerful, ultra-visible light beam in a small & compact design
  • perfect for low light, adverse weather and all day time riding to increase your visibility in traffic.  Can be used in conjunction with another more powerful rear light for night time moderate to heavy traffic riding.  We recommend stacking rear lights for the ultimate in rear visibility – See Rear Light Stacking Set
  • great to carry & pull out & attach whenever needed
  • both front & rear lights have three LED lights with 8 modes, blast, enduro, economy, flash 1,2,3, day flash 1,2 (flashing lights are ideal for catching drivers attention in busy traffic situations)
  • offers a variety of lumen (brightness) settings from 5 to 250 – can be seen from a great distance
  • USB rechargeable, 2.5 hours so can be charged overnight and used again the following day
  • front light has long last economy mode lasts up to 11.5hrs, 4.5hrs on amazingly bright day time flash mode
  • rear light has long last economy mode lasts up to 24hrs, 9hrs on amazingly bright day time flash mode – again it gives you options for use depending on the ride time and environment
  • intelligent Power Indicator displays battery life and provides side visibility
  • durable composite matrix construction featuring a machined aluminium faceplate
  • easy, no tools required, attachment to handlebars, seat post, carrier rack, bags, helmets via strap or clip on options.  This rear light can literally be attached to anything making it really versatile and useable
  • waterproof for peace of mind that it will work in the rain
  • rear weighs 69gms, front weights 47gms – lightweight & portable – has a clip attach as well as flexible rubber mount
  • made by Lezyne.  Lezyne make functional well designed dependable bike lights

Both the Front and Rear Visibility lights are sold separately.  goRide recommends vertical stacking of rear bike lights for the ultimate in visibility protection so consider buying more than one rear light.  We also recommend bike light use whenever you ride in or around traffic to provide increased visibility


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Helmet Size

"Small 50-57cm", "Medium 54-61cm"

Helmet Colour

"Black", "Matt Red", "Mint", "Fluro Green", "Purple"


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