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Profile – Annette

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The goRide women profiles tell stories about everyday women who ride bikes.  These stories will connect you to real women and perhaps spark an idea about what you could achieve with your riding or remind you of what you have done.  We are all on a journey, regardless of whether you are beginning or an experienced rider, so be open and curious and see what happens.  Lets begin to build a stronger you and a stronger riding community.  Enjoy your reading…


When did you learn to ride and why do you still ride?

I learnt to ride when I was 8 years old and it is one of my clearest childhood memories.  I still ride because I love being connected to the outdoors.  It is one of the few things that I can do that still makes me smile like I’m 8 again.  Its also a great way to get around and feel like you are connected to your community.

 What type of riding do you do? At the moment I mountain bike, ride in the weekend with the kids and try to ride the kids to school down our hill and through central Nelson.  I still have the Avanti Sprint road bike that I got for my 21st birthday so you could say I’m also into vintage bikes!

Do you have a biking tip or piece of advice that you would like to share?

Join a riding group that interests you or get some friends together to make it social.  It’s so much more fun when you can share in experiences and learn from others.

What, if any, are your frustrations with riding? Generally and personally.

I get really frustrated with my lack of knowledge about tools and how to use them so when something simple goes wrong it takes way longer than it should for me to sort it out or in some cases I just can’t and have to rely on someone else.  I don’t enjoy how cold I get on the bike at times – so I need to think more about good clothing choices.

In general terms it frustrates me when I hear men talk about taking their partners, girlfriends out for a ride and how they ended up walking!!  This puts off so many women – there are all types of riding we don’t all have to be mountain bike downhillers.

What is your favourite ride now?

I would have to say The Coppermine in Nelson for me and I did a bike/walk into Whispering Falls in the Hackett Valley with the kids which was amazing also Nelson area.

What is your favourite ride from the past?

Oh so hard to choose one.  When I was 21 I did a 4 day cycling tour around the Mt Cook area which was magical because of the scenery,  because it involved bunch riding, because I was extremely fit and because we had a van following us with all our gear.

Do you have a riding goal at the moment?  (think equipment, skills/technique, rides)

Now:  My goals at the moment are to get fit and technically capable to ride The Heaphy next season and to learn a couple of repair techniques e.g. fixing a snapped chain and dealing with slipping gears.  I also want to ride to school with my kids more often.

In the future:  To start riding a greater variety of mountain bike trails.  I would love to do a bike tour with the kids especially overseas, so preparing them now with local bike rides/touring and thinking about the equipment we would need.

Thanks for reading Annette’s profile.  Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider.   Do it, at your own pace, in your own time, in a fun, supported way – the goRide way. 

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