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The goRide women profiles tell stories about everyday women who ride bikes.  You will discover all sorts of tips from women who ride bikes. These stories will connect you to real women and perhaps spark an idea about what you could achieve with your riding or remind you what you have done.  We are all on a journey, regardless of whether you are beginning or an experienced rider, so be open and curious and see what happens.  Lets begin to build a stronger you and a stronger riding community.  Enjoy your reading…


When did you learn to ride and why do you still ride?

I think some of my memory of learning to ride is triggered by photos, but I was 5 years old and I was with my dad in the back yard. I can still feel and visualise my determination. I just kept going until I could ride.  I still ride because I love the simplicity.

 What kind of biking do you do…All sorts. We commute by bike. Living close to central Nelson (we call it living in the village) allows us to primarily get around on our bikes. I have been asked a number of times, do you have a car? Yes we do! Other biking includes mountain biking, recreational rides and cycle touring with the kids, and in the past road cycling but I would have to dust the cobwebs off the road bike, I haven’t been out on that one for a while.

Do you have a biking tip or piece of advice that you would like to share?

Set a goal and don’t let it feel too big. Know that every goal is just about taking steps. What can I do next, or what can I do today, to work towards achieving my goal.

What, if any, are your frustrations with riding? Personally and generally.

Being a woman, and 5 foot 1″, the riding world just doesn’t feel set up for me. I feel like my needs and desires are not understood. Knowledge needs to be my weapon to ensure I get gear that is appropriate and works for me and I am not pushed into gear because that is all “they” have on offer.

What is your favourite ride now?

I love going up so anything that gets me high with great views makes me smile.

What is your favourite ride from the past?

Has to be cycle touring. When I was 27 I went on my OE to the UK.  As a physiotherapist I was able to do locums, so I could work for a block period of time and then travel, run out of money head back to the UK for another locum, and so on. When I travelled I did a lot of cycle touring Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain. The highlight the Pyrenees (the hills of the Tour de France), so we were a little slower than those guys. Loaded with gear  we were traveling up hills at about 5-6km/hour. Up 16km hills you can do the maths on how long it took us to get to the top. The achievement, the scenery, the villages, the locals and well deserved lunch stops …….eh bliss.

Do you have a riding goal at the moment?  (think equipment, skills/technique, rides)

Now:  My trusty old bike has done a lot of miles, it has been a great companion but it is really holding me back on my enjoyment of a ride, and achieving my goals, so after 20 years it has to go… time to upgrade. Also gaining confidence on the downhill so it doesn’t limit my rides too much. Being organised, organised, organised so I reduce the barriers to getting on my bike.

Future:  Cycle tour with my family……starting with New Zealand. We have already completed the Rail Trail. The Heaphy is also on my list, that means new bike, more practise, more confidence.. can’t wait.

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider. 

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