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Riding with a 4 or 5  year old attached or towed, & riding independently.

Tow Frame

Age Range 3-9 yrs

The Follow Me Tandem is the most STABLE option for joining 2 bikes. This set up is ideal in traffic and/or over long distances that they would struggle to ride on their own. 

Tow Rope

Age Range 4yrs+

Take them places they would struggle to ride themselves – up hills, long distances, multiple days.  A smooth incredibly stretchy bungee cord designed for mountain biking and tour riding…LEARN MORE

Tow Bar

Age Range 4-9 yrs

The Trailgator is a great solution for helping your child to ride for short periods of time. Through traffic or over hills that they would struggle to ride on their own. Easily carried on your adult bike to be an option if needed… LEARN MORE

Trailing 1/2 bike 

Age Range 3-6 yrs

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – COMING 2021. Also known as a Tag-A-Long. This half bike is ideal on bikepaths and over distances that they would struggle to ride on their own… LEARN MORE 

Reclined Trailing 1/2 Bike

Age Range – 2-9 yrs 

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – COMING 2021. Unique reclined seat trailing bike with a harness system gives you a riding solution starting from 2yrs.  Perfect for bike path riding, commuting and touring… LEARN MORE

Bike Trailers

Age Range 1-6yrs

Single or double, on or off road options.  Find a trailer to match your family.  Invest in quality, ease of use & clever, smart design… LEARN MORE

Rear Bike Seats

Age Range 1-10 yrs 

Rear mount bike seats available as carrier, frame or junior options are a great investment – suitable for a wide age range, easy to use and a really versatile option… LEARN MORE

Mid Mount Seats (unharnessed)

Age Range 2-6 yrs 

These unharnessed seats attach to the top tube of your bike allowing your wee one to sit between your arms. Two brands available, Do Little or Shotgun, that offer attachment to a wide variety of bikes... LEARN MORE

Balance Bikes 

Age Range 18mths – 4yrs

Balance bikes are a great way to teach kids to ride a bike.  Choose a durable, outdoor option to suit a small 4yr old or any child nervous about riding a bike… LEARN MORE

Early Independent Riding

Age Range  3yrs+


Supporting 4 and 5 year olds to be safe, protected and comfortable on the bike seat or bike

Toddler/Kid Bike Helmet

Age Range 1-6 yrs

Everything we ask for in a first bike helmet. Lightweight, good head coverage, adjustable, chin pinch guard. The back of this helmet is flat so toddlers can comfortably sit in bike seats… LEARN MORE

Kids Bike Helmet

Age Range 3-10 yrs

A great helmet for kids as they start independent riding on a pedal bike. Available in a wide size range & some great designs. This helmet offers awesome head coverage and adjustment for fit… LEARN MORE

Kids Jackets 

Age Range 2-12 yrs 

Waterproof & wind protection.  Fun, colourful solutions to keep them dry & safe when out riding in any kind of weather….  LEARN MORE

Kids Overtrousers 

Age Range  2-14yrs 

Waterproof & wind protection to keep them dry & safe when out riding in any kind of weather.  Choose gear that will perform when it needs to so they will keep smiling… LEARN MORE.

Kids Bike Pants buying guide

Kids goUnders

Age Range 3-10 yrs 

Fun & functional padded bike underwear for kids to wear under their everyday clothes.  Improve their comfort whenever they ride.  Standard or endurance option… LEARN MORE

Kids Bike Gloves

Age Range  3-10 yrs 

A great range of kids specific sizing to keep little hands protected from falls or knocks when on the bike.  Help them feel like a real bike rider… LEARN MORE

Fun up their Bike

Independent Riders

Give them lots of reasons to want to ride their bike.  Let them love their bike and biking. Give them function, colours, patterns, and the ability to make plenty of noise in wide open spaces… LEARN MORE

Kids/Youth Protective Padding

Age Range 2-12 yrs 

Comfortable kid specific knee & elbow pads.  Adjustable velcro fit systems designed for small kids through to 12yr olds.  Protection suited to either recreation or mountain bike riding… LEARN MORE

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