Bike lights keep you safe and extend your riding season by helping you to be seen and allowing you to see where you are going. Bike lights vary in;

  • the strength of the light,
  • how the beam of light is displayed. eg flashing modes versus constant beam
  • length of the battery time and the type of battery eg. USB rechargeable or install a battery
  • where and how they can be attached to the bike or the rider
  • weight and size of the light

Different types of lights suit different riding environments – so it is important to keep you safe you get the right bike light for the type of riding YOU do.

Bike lights that meet the demands of a biker who commutes – whether that be commuting to and from work, the library, visiting friends or attending a sports training or meetings we suggest lights that provide the following

  • Ensure you can be seen when riding in darkness, poorly lit areas and in traffic
  • Ensure you can see where you are going in areas of darkness and when away from other assisted lighting eg. street lights
  • Provide light for a good length of time (Definitely greater than your commuting time) and provide you with feedback of how much battery life remains
  • Durable and robust to support regular use
  • Can be removed from the bike to avoid being stolen or (shared with other family members) alternatively permanently attached and only removable with tools
  • Need to be waterproof as you may need to ride in the rain.

Now that we have established what a commuter biker needs in a bike light let’s understand what those features look like in a light?

bikelights 800 w
night riding light set vertical
KEY DESIGN to support your SAFETY – help you to see and make you be seen 

A typical commute night ride can see you riding for a reasonable length of time in some well lit areas and areas of darkness on smooth surface to gravel and uneven, pot holed roads

Strength of light for the front light – it is the strength of the light (lumens) that will help you to see and be seen. You will need a front light of 250 – 400 lumens that provides that strength for a lengthy period of time.  (greater than your commute time).

Strength of light for the back light ( required for visibility)- 70-300 lumens (greater than your commute time)

To help you be seen you can vertical stack your lights, that is:

2 front lights– attached to your handlebars and generally a light attached to the helmet. One constant and one flashing.

2 rear lights– attached to your seatpost and another attached to clothing/bag or helmet.

Battery and life. The battery life for lumens of 250-400 needs to be greater than your commuting time. This may need to be to and from your destination (if unable to recharge a USB rechargeable between these 2 commutes).You want to give yourself a bit of flexibility here…you do not want to get caught out. These lights go from working to darkness. A regular charging routine after every use is important and a battery life indicator on the light is also very helpful.

A USB rechargeable is a little more of a costly investment but they cost nothing to run…so we hope this means you will use them more often. Not only at night but on poor weather commutes

Ease of attaching lights –  so you do not hesitate to use your lights. Compared to your safety they are not an expensive investment but they do not come cheap so being able to share between family members may be helpful. You will need to remove your lights if leaving your bike unintended. The other option is  permanently attached lights that need tools to remove so they do not get stolen.

Mode of light – Different modes will offer you different lengths of battery time and can provide different uses in different riding environments and conditions you may ride through or may be exposed to when commuting. You need some flashing some constant.

goRide’s Night Riding Bike Light Solutions are…
Front Night Light – Lezyne Lite Drive 700XL – 

Lumen range – 15- 700. USB rechargeable. Lumens of 250-400 will give you light for -3-5:15 hours offering good flexibility and there is an ability to provide 700 lumens for an hour if your environment demands it. Easy flexible attachment.

Back Night Light –  Lezyne Strip Drive Pro

Lumen range 5-300 lumens. USB rechargeable. Lumens of 150 flashing will give you light for 4 and 1/2 hours.

Night Riding Set – Front and Back Light – Lezyne Lite Drive 700XL  and  Lezyne Strip Drive Pro
get Safe and goRide –  The ‘Right’ Bike Lights for Commuting 

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