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The Best Bike Helmet for Kids who Mountain Bike

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The mountain bike trail network is expanding. More regions have trails to support the recreation/sport of mountain biking and these trails are catering for wider capabilities and a wider age range. This offers kids the opportunity to be exposed to mountain biking at a younger age. To keep kids safe as they learn and develop in the recreation/sport of mountain biking its imperative that we match their level of performance on the mountain bike trails with the appropriate equipment.

A priority is having a bike helmet to match their level of performance on the bike.

The BEST bike helmet for kids who mountain bike should mimic features of an adult mountain bike helmet. It needs to have features that will provide a similar performance level of protection.

Please note : you will need to consider an adult mountain bike helmet when their level of performance or their head size is not compatible with kids bike helmets. See Mountain Biking Helmets 

GiroTremor performance features story goRide
KEY DESIGN FEATURES to support SAFETY in the Mountain Biking Environment

A performance bike helmet with performance features for kids who mountain bike is important .

Performance protection & strength- Kids are riding in environments and at speeds similar to adults… so they need to bike wearing a helmet that has a similar level of protection to an adult mountain biking helmet. A kids mountain bike should include protection such as MIPs an impact protection system from multiple directions, a high quality inner foam and a shell moulded to this foam to adequately absorb the forces they may be exposed to in a mountain biking environment.

Shape  – The helmet needs to have good head coverage – The helmet should cover their head from above the eyebrows through to base of the head/start of the neck

Adjustable – The helmet needs to fit snug to their head and have good adjustment with the straps and a superior rear adjustment system.

Breathable – Kids will be working hard /performing in this helmet so good breathability with good vents is important.

goRide’s Bike Helmet for Kids who mountain Bike is…
Giro Tremor available in one size only 50-57cm.
Light weight and good ventilation. Good head coverage with good adjustment. Performance protection to match performance in the mountain biking environment.
get Safe and goRide –  The Best Bike Helmet for Kids who Mountain Bike 

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