Being comfortable on your bike saddle is going to make time on your bike more enjoyable. Bike saddles vary in shape and the materials used to make them, as well as where the cushioning is placed… so it is important you get the right bike saddle for YOU.

There are specific town/urban bike saddles (seats) that are designed to meet the demands that town(urban) riding puts on your body.

How do you know if a town bike saddle is the perfect match to the type of rider you are?

We suggest that you know and understand your rider profile – see more at How to Find the Perfect Bike Seat.    The four elements of your riding profile that have the biggest influence on the type of saddle you should choose are your gender, your riding position, where and the type of riding you do and if you have any specific areas of tenderness.

To match to a women’s TOWN bike saddle your rider profile would be

  • female (gender)
  • upright (riding position)
  • riding on road/smooth surfaces in urban environments (town rider)
  • discomfort with no cut-out (most female riders experience this), and may suffer from low back pain.

So now that we have established that you are looking for a women’s town bike saddle – what features should this saddle have?

Womens saddle description Cite X Gel 2018 goRide
KEY DESIGN FEATURES that support your comfort while providing a well cushioned and wide seat 

A typical town ride will see you in one riding position with lots of weight against the saddle

So what does this look like in a women’s town saddle?

The saddle shape – wide with large cut-out

The width of a town saddle gives you the support you need directly under your body.  The town riders body position is upright and does not tend to change from this position over the course of the ride.  A large cut-out will relieve any discomfort experienced at the front of the saddle.  When width & cut outs combine in such a way you should be comfortable in this type of town seat for up to 3-4 hours.

Padding – concentrated at the rear

Town riding saddles need to have padding that provides cushioning from the direct downward weight of the body so most of the padding is placed at the rear of the saddle.  Shock absorbing components in the saddle that absorb road vibrations are an added feature to look for.  A gel layer provides additional comfort for those who are new to riding or find it difficult to bear weight for longer rides.

Materials – seamless, easy care

A simple saddle design without stitch lines in an easy to wipe down fabric.


goRide’s Town Bike Saddle solution for women is… The Cite X Gel from Terry Cycling.
Terry Cycling make award winning saddles. They were the first company in the world to do a women’s specific saddle because they understand the differences and the need.
get Ready and goRide –  The Right Mountain Bike Saddle (Seat)

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