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Bikepath Riding – get Safe, get Ready, get Better, get Inspired

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Giro Cartelle Womens Multi Use Helmet. Glacier. goRide
Bikepath & Fitness Bike Helmets
get the protection you need 

Get safe and feel comfortable with the right bike helmet for bikepath & fitness riding… LEARN MORE

Range of Terry Womens Bike Saddles. goRide
Women’s Bikepath & Fitness Saddles
get comfortable on the bike seat 

Enjoy your ride on a women designed saddle to suit bikepath and fitness riding. A saddle that matches the style of your bike … LEARN MORE

Holster Hi Rise. Terry Capri. goRide
Clothing for Bikepath & Fitness Riding 
be comfortable in what you wear on the bike

Be comfortable on and off the bike with fun and functional items… LEARN MORE

Traditional sky spotty beep bicycle bell goRide 600w v 2
Bike Bells for Bikepath Riding 
be heard with a beautiful bell 

Be heard with beautiful bike bells to suit bikepath and fitness riding…LEARN MORE

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seat bag with tools on the bike goRide
Bike Tools & Kits for Bikepath Riding 
be prepared with the right bike tools 

Carry tools and know how to use them. Tools selected for their ease of use… LEARN MORE

Everyday Kit IMG_0267
Bike Cleaning Products & Kits for Bikepath Riding 
be prepared with ready to use cleaning products

Environmentally friendly cleaning kits and products that are ready to use. A clean bike works better & lasts longer… LEARN MORE

bike lights 800w b
Bike Lights for Bikepath Riding
the right lights for your riding 

Bike lights for riding at night, dawn, dusk or just to be MORE visible…. LEARN MORE

Youth:Womens Fingerless Recreation Glove.goRide
Bike Gloves for Bikepath Riding 
 get protection with the right bike gloves

A range of bike gloves for bike path or fitness style riding.  Good design & fit to give you the protection & comfort you need… LEARN MORE

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Coiled Combination Lock on bike. On Guard Locks. goRide
Bike Locks for Bikepath/Fitness Riding
get the right bike lock 

What bike lock will work best for you? Does it need to be small and lightweight for carrying? Find a lock that matches the level of security you need to safely leave your bike…. LEARN MORE

Compact First Aid Kit for Bikers
First Aid for Bikepath Riding
be prepared with first aid supplies 

Be prepared for all situations. Carry a compact first aid kit when you go biking… LEARN MORE

Blackburn Deluxe Front or Rear Carrier. Side view town bike. goRide
Carriers for Bikepath Riding
be ready & go explore with a bike carrier 

Find the bike carrier that is perfect for the type of loads you carry.  Get your gear off your back and onto the bike… LEARN MORE

ergon-ga3-grips. Blue.goRide
Handlebar Grips for Bikepath Riding
get ready by choosing comfortable grips 

Get comfort, control & protection with a great pair of handlebar grips matched to the type of riding that you do… LEARN MORE

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Hydration reservoir and backpack biking goRide
Hydration Options for Bikepath Riding 
COMING SOON be prepared carry water 

Fun and colourful water carrying options… LEARN MORE

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