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Giro Cartelle Womens Multi Use Helmet. Glacier. goRide
Bike Helmets for Mountain Biking
get the protection you need 

Helmets to suit mountain biking. Get safe with the right type of helmet for the type of riding you do… LEARN MORE

Range of Terry Womens Bike Saddles. goRide
 Women Bike Saddles for Mountain Biking
get comfortable on the bike seat 

Bike saddles to suit women mountain bikers. Get a saddle designed for women to suit the type of riding you do… LEARN MORE

Light blue full length womens bike glove
Bike Gloves for Mountain Biking
be comfortable and protected on the bike 

Get bike gloves designed to give you the comfort and protection you need for mountain biking… LEARN MORE

Terry Touring Capri. 3:4 padded bike pants. goRide
Women’s Padded Bike 3/4 Capris for Mountain Biking
be comfortable in what you wear on the bike

Padded bike pants for year round use.  Designed for big days out, multi-days riding or back country touring adventures.  High density womens specific padding…. LEARN MORE

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seat bag with tools on the bike goRide
Bike Tools & Kits for Mountain Biking 
be prepared with the right bike tools 

Tool kits and tools to take when you mountain bike. Tools selected for their ease of use…. LEARN MORE

Everyday Kit IMG_0267
Bike Cleaning Products  & Kits for Mountain Biking 
be prepared with ready to use cleaning products

Environmentally friendly cleaning kits and products. A clean mountain bike works better, lasts longer and makes the ride more enjoyable… LEARN MORE

goUnders WFB. Teal/Mint.Padded bike pants. goRide
Women’s Padded Bike Underwear for Mountain Biking
be comfortable in what you wear on the bike

Women’s Padded Bike Underwear by goRide. You get to choose what you wear so you can be comfortable on and off the bike.  Great for ride times less than 2 hrs…  LEARN MORE

Headband & Neckwarmer
Head and Neck Warmers for Women and Kids
keep warm and ride year round 

Look and feel comfortable on the bike with merino lined head and neck warmers. Specifically designed for riding… LEARN MORE

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Minimialist bike bell Knog oi goRide silver mounted handlebars 600w
Bike Bells for Mountain Biking 
be heard while on the trail 

A minimalist bike bell so you can be heard on the trails without the bulk and size of a traditional bike bell… LEARN MORE

Compact First Aid Kit for Bikers
First Aid Kit for Mountain Biking 

Make this part of your mountain biking essentials.  A compact First Aid Kit & personnel supplies for when you go biking… LEARN MORE

bike lights 800w b
Bike Lights for Mountain Biking
mountain bike year round with the right bike lights 

Bike lights that will help you be safe & enjoy riding the trails year round… LEARN MORE

HipLok lock & light. goRide
Bike Locks for Mountain Biking
be secure get minimalist locks for mountain biking

Bike locks to take when you mountain bike – small, very portable and lightweight.  Making any quick stops on the way home secure… LEARN MORE

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Thule Tour Rack clamping system. goRide
Bike Carrier for Mountain Biking 
get ready go explore with a carrier for mountain biking 

Designed in NZ with lightweight bike packing in mind.  This front or rear carrier is compatible with all mountain bikes… LEARN MORE

RaceFace Grippler on bike. goRide
Handlebar Grips for Mountain Biking
get ready with comfortable handlebar grips

Get comfort, control & protection with a pair of grips that match the type of mountain biking that you do… LEARN MORE

Hydration reservoir and backpack biking goRide
Hydration Options for Mountain Biking 
 be prepared carry water 

Designed specifically for women.  A great water & gear carrying option. Keeping you well hydrated when you mountain bike…LEARN MORE

Tow Rope in Mountain Bike setting. goRide
Tow Rope for Mountain Biking 
get ready goExplore with a bike specific tow rope 

Take them places they would struggle to ride themselves – up hills, long distances, multiple days.  A smooth incredibly stretchy bungee cord designed for use with bikes… LEARN MORE

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Kids MTB Knee Pad. Padding & protection. goRide
Knee Pads for Mountain Biking 
get protected with kids knee pads for mountain biking 

Kids knee pads that will protect intermediate riders who jump & ride at speed.  Durable yet lightweight foam protection… LEARN MORE

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