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Women’s Bike Saddles for Bikepath  Riding- get Ready, be Comfortable and Protected

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21041000_top_V300x 300
Fitness/Bikepath Rider on Mountain Styled Bike
Terry Butterfly Cromoly Womens Bike Saddle $132.00

An on & off road, womens specific saddle.  Designed for easy road and/or simple trail recreational riders… LEARN MORE

21024_ButterflyTiGelPlus_Top_V 300 x 300 GoRide
Multi-Environment Riding
Terry Butterfly Ti Gel Womens Bike Saddle $255.00

A saddle for the fitness/ bikepath rider who rides in many different environments on the one bike and/or for those rider where comfort is a priority … LEARN MORE

Cite X Gel 2018 top view goRide 300w
Fitness Bike Path Rider on Urban Upright Bike
Terry Cite X Gel Womens Bike Saddle $105.00

A womens specific saddle designed to give maximum comfort to riders on an upright styled bike… LEARN MORE

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