get inspired. goRideNew Zealand kids love to ride bikes. It’s almost a part of their DNA. We can all remember learning to ride and the fun that came with that journey. In this story you will meet a young lady who learnt to ride quite a while ago. She is learning new things about riding now and discovering the different kinds of places you can goRide – Riding in Savaii, Samoa with her family. She will continue to learn as her body grows and skills grow, it’s all about ages and stages…

Like all our stories we hope to connect you to real kids and provide inspiration and motivation for you to goRide more places, more often with your kids. Enjoy your reading.


biking Savaii. goRideRiding in Savaii, Samoa for the NZ Falcon 

This story gives us a couple of things

  1. Inspiration to take the family on a winter holiday with a riding twist
  2. Inspiration to do something for the less fortunate people or species on our planet



  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, like how old you are, how long you have been riding a bike, and where you like to go riding?

My name is Yasmina and I am 11yrs old (10 years when in Savaii, Samoa). I have been riding a bike since I was 2.  My most favourite place to go riding is the Old Ghost Road

  • NZ Falcon close up.goRideNZ falcon in flight. goRideWhen did you come up with the idea of raising money while cycling and why the NZ falcon?

Because the Falcon is endangered and its my favourite animal. I decided 2 months before going to Samoa

  • How much money did you raise and what organization did you give it to?

$1000 for the Marlborough Falcon Trust

  • How many days was your trip and how far did you ride each day?

7 days riding average 30km per day

  • Did you do a lot of training before you went to Samoa?

Not really

  • What was your favourite part of the cycling trip?

The hills

  • What was the worst part of the cycling trip?

When we had to have a rest day

  • Can you tell us about the heat and how you managed riding in it?

It was very very hot, I felt like I wanted to ride my bike into a swimming pool. If I went faster than 10km per hour I kept cooler

  • What advice would you give to other children thinking about doing something similar?

Be prepared for the heat and wear suitable clothing

  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your trip or raising money?

I enjoyed it very much, I will try to do it again with my family when I am 20 because I also did it when I was a baby.


Some details to help you decide whether riding in Savaii is for you and your family


There are direct flights from Auckland to Samoa (Apia – the capital on Upolu Island)

Savaii’s rainy season is from December to February

It’s dry season is from July to September – remember this is a tropical location so it will rain every 2/3 days

This ride is approximately 200km, with towns and resorts spaced well for easy planning – every 30km or so

Savaii has an excellent sealed road surface which is ideal for cycle touring

Find out more at

Map of Savaii, Samoa. goRide






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