How to Attach a Traditional Bike Bell

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Welcome.  This page will help you to understand if a traditional bike bell will fit on your bike.  It also shows you how to attach your bell. 

Bicycle Bells are designed to be fitted to standard round handlebars on a bike, scooter or some balance bikes that range in width from 15 to 25mm in diameter.  The most common handlebar diameter is 22.2mm. This will be the skinner part of your handlebar next to where you grip.

Where does it attach  

The choice is yours.  The trigger for these bells can be index finger or thumb operated.  Ideally you shouldn’t have to let go to use your bell.  In order to get it to work properly the trigger will need space to be pushed forward or pulled.  So exactly where you place the bell will depend on what else is close to your handlebar grips or the shape of your grips.  You want to be able to operate the bell with a relaxed natural wrist so don’t put the bell lever where you have to twist – it should also be a natural movement.  This may take a bit of trail and error until you discover the perfect position for your bell. 

Thumb triggered traditional bell

Index finger triggered traditional bike bell. Often easier for young kids to use

What will you receive and what tools will you need

You bell will come in a box or bag and all the components you need will be attched to the bell

What tools will you need? The Black base bells require a 4mm Allen Key.  The Blue base bells and the Traditional Large Bells need a Phillips head screwdriver.

4mm Allen Key for Black Bells. Available as a multitool or an Allen key set

Phillips Screwdriver available as part of a multitool

How does it attach  

The bells use a simple screw bracket system that clamps onto handlebars.

Unscrew the bottom bracket: The bell will come out of the packaging with the bottom bracket upside down so this will need to be unscrewed and turned out before you can attach it to your handlebars.

how to attach a traditional bicycle bell

Attaching to Handlebars: The easiest way to manage is to hold the bell upside down underneath your handlebar while you put the bottom bracket over the top of the handlebar and fit in the two screws. Once you have them screwed down but not tightened turn your bell until you have it in the final position.  Now tighten the screws.  As discussed above, you will need to try it out to see if it’s in the perfect, easy to use position.

Check that it works: Make sure it is firm and doesn’t move around. Simply push the trigger and enjoy the magical sound of your ringing bike bell.  Learn a bit more about appropriate use in our story Bike Bells & Bike Lights

Things to watch out for  

Watch out for cables – do not catch cables within the clamping system of your Bicycle Bell.

We’re here to help.  If installing your bike bell has raised some questions for you.  Please call us on 021 025 15576 or 0800 44 33 77 or CONTACT us via email

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