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goRide started in 2014 with two friends who rode bikes with their two young families – around town (Nelson, NZ), along trails and on some big holiday adventures.  These two friends are Annette & Jo.  Both of our families made some great memories along the way but it wasn’t all smooth sailing (riding).  At times we didn’t feel safe or confident or like we were getting better at what we were trying to do.  Where was the help and support for women or families choosing to ride?  So you guessed it we decided to create that help and support.
Top of Gondola. ChCh Adventure Park.goRide

Annette mountain biking with her boy

Me and the kids Timber Trail NZ goRide resized

Jo on a family bike tour


Skills, knowledge, confidence & solutions will lead YOU to your riding smile

What YOU find enjoying or challenging is different to others.  So whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, YOU ride by yourself, with your family, your partner or friends we want YOU to feel supported & have the right solutions. Life with a bike should be about enjoying that sense of freedom – it should make you smile.  This is why goRide does the research, challenges the accepted way and is constantly looking for the best riding solutions for women and families.  We even make some of these solutions ourselves!
When YOU have the skills, knowledge, confidence & solutions you need, the choice of where you can go & what you choose to do – grows.
 Read our Stories, find answers in Support & Solutions, and be lead in the right direction with our Buying Guides.  As well as getting carefully selected riding products in our Shop.
 Everything is chosen or written to help women & families feel riding success – to smile when they ride.

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