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Why we do it.

We want you & your family to SMILE when you choose to ride, so we think about what it would take to help make this happen.  goRide’s focus is on providing an environment that supports YOU to find the skills, knowledge, confidence & solutions YOU need to feel the success that YOU want.  YOU get to do it, in your own time, at your own pace, in your own way.
What YOU find enjoying or challenging is different to others.  So whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, YOU ride by yourself, with your family, your partner or friends we want YOU to have choices & feel supported. Life with a bike should be about enjoying that sense of freedom – it should make you smile.  This is why goRide does the research, challenges the accepted way and is constantly looking for the best riding solutions for women and families.
Your success as a women is different so we offer stories, find out about pages, buying guides and how to’s…all written by women for women.  We carefully select product solutions for you and if we can’t find it, we will make it ourselves.  Information and products should be relevant and useful so we are not afraid to lead YOU to what YOU need to feel successful…to find your riding smile.
We do all this so YOU can choose to goRide, more places, more often with a smile.

The Choice Is YOURS – go find your smile – goRide

How we do it.

get Safe

a sense of safety allows you to relax and enjoy your riding – it lets you smile

get Ready

a sense of readiness comes from good planning and preparation – it lets you smile

get Better

a sense of achievement comes from growth, improving & change – it makes you smile

get Inspired

a sense of inspiration comes from being open to and curious about your choices – it makes you smile

Skills, knowledge, confidence & solutions will give YOU choice

How do YOU start?  get Safe, get Ready, get Better or get Inspired – the choice is YOURS – go find your smile – goRide

Who we are.

goRide is the creation of friends Annette and Jo.

goRide aboutus Annette

Annette Vercoe


Hi I’m Annette.  I love to ride my bike, but all the other tasks that come with that can be frustrating and overwhelming.  I’m independant, inpatient and uncomfortable with asking for help, and I have found it hard to just learn from my riding mistakes or wing it – which is my usual style.  This experience has led me to goRide.  Your experience will be different but I want goRide to be your “helper” whatever your ability or knowledge and to support your individuality.  When I’m not on my bike or running, I’m eating food, in my garden, with my kids, doing yoga or reading.

Hi, I’m Jo. My focus and passions in life are family, simplicity, learning and well being. All of these passions are fulfilled within riding and are the reasons why I love to ride. Previous experience in education, wellness and being a woman rider help support my ability and desire to make a difference and create meaning by sharing, supporting and connecting with you to allow you to grow as a rider and a person.

goRide aboutus Jo

Jo Tuffery


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goRide is a shared journey, so we would like you to assist in guiding it along the way.  Contact goRide. Your thoughts, comments or feedback are welcome.  Thank you for being a part of goRide.

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Join The goRead. goRides seasonal biking tips and tasks.