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goRide started in 2014 with two friends who rode bikes with their two young families around Nelson, NZ. These two friends are Annette & Jo.  Both of our families made great memories along the way but often it was hard and at times we didn’t feel like we were getting better at what we were trying to do.  Where was the help and support for women or families choosing to ride?   Why at times did we lack confidence, feel unsafe and feel we had no options? It felt like it was easier not to ride than to choose riding. This is the experience goRide grew from.
youth knee & elbow pads

Annette mountain biking with her boy


youth knee & elbow pads

Jo on a family biking tour


Support, solutions & stories will lead YOU to your riding smile

 Everything at goRide is chosen or written to help women & families feel riding success or as we like to say… to SMILE when YOU ride.


We want to inspire women and their families to ride bikes in a variety of environments. We want riding experiences to be easy, fun & enjoyable. We aim to understand your challenges.  Help solve your problems; such as comfort on the bike, confidence to ride and connection to a bicycle community.  We do this through support, solutions & stories aimed at your needs.
We want you to choose and be able to ride. Every person that chooses to ride a bike, on any day is a win for the emotional, physical and social wellbeing of our communities. Another person on a bike increases our opportunity to create people centred, equality driven, healthy communities and societies.


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Healthy Communities & Cycling Lifestyle Plan

This is a large task and we have only just begun.  Please let us know what you would like to see happening at goRide. 

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Your bike riding success is different to others… use our stories and support, get the right solutions.

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