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Hydration- Carrying water when you bike – what are your options?

July 13, 2017
Do I need to take water with me when I go for a ride ? We need water everyday to survive and to allow us to function well. Keeping hydrated is one of the simplest ways to support well being yet most of us agree that we probably do not drink enough water daily. So.. the answer is YES you need to take water when you go for a ride. If yes…then the next question is how much do I need to take?  How much water do you need is a complex issue and is dependent on so many factors; your body weight, the duration of the ride; how fit and well you are (this can effect how much water your lose through perspiration and increased breathing rate), how hydrated were you before you set out for your ride; will you have access to water at any stage of the ride and so on… So let us consider what we do know: They suggest that we drink 33mls x our body weight of water per day. So for the 50kg person it is 50 x 0.033 = 1.65L per day or 80kg x0.033= 2.64L per day. This is based on an average day with no additional loss of water occurring through perspiration and increased breathing rate during exercise. Therefore  if you are riding you will need  additional amounts of water to compensate for the loss during exercise. Remember we receive water through many sources; eg. drinking and our food. Many foods are a great source of water especially plant foods. Some drinks like coffee and alcohol have a negative effect on your hydration and draw water out of you. With the knowledge of; the duration and intensity of your ride your body weight, how fit, well and hydrated you are before you ride Consider how much would be a sensible and safe amount for you to take with you when you go for a ride. It may be 600ml just over 2 cups for short duration rides through to 2 or 3 Litres for those longer rides. As you ride more you will start to recognise your level of fluid requirements for different duration and intensity of rides.  As a rule more is better than less. You do have to carry it though so a sensible quantity is best. Now you need to get Ready…how are you going to carry water when you bike? You know you need to take water with you when you ride…then…how are you going to carry the water on your bike?  Understand the quantity of water you need to carry and what method will allow you to comfortable carry that quantity. Your two options are either; a water hydration system that you carry on you most commonly a backpack with a hydration reservoir , or a water bottle that attaches to your bike by using a drink bottle cage. You have to decide which method or a combination of methods will work best for you.

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