Feel Comfortable. Feel Confident. Feel Alive.

SMILE when you ride with friends

Feel Comfortable. Feel Confident. Feel Alive.

SMILE when you ride with the family

Feel Comfortable. Feel Confident. Feel Alive.

SMILE when you ride with kids attached

Welcome. Whether you are new to riding or ride often. Ride a standard or e-bike, with or without kids. Ride in traffic, on bike paths or trails, for short or long distances. goRide has solutions and stories to match your riding needs… so you can SMILE when you ride.

Feel protected and be safe riding this Spring

Choose from our solutions, read our stories and broaden your riding season

Solutions & stories for Spring riding

Feel comfortable on your bike seat

Choose the style of padded underwear you like or find a saddle to match the riding you do, and you will enjoy your riding

Styles & solutions to suit your bottom

Feel safe & comfortable on your bike

Choose the solution to match the riding you do and be confident to ride more often

Solutions & stories to suit you

Enjoy riding with kids of all ages

Choose from our full range of kids bike seats, attached or towed, and ride with the whole family

Solutions & stories to suit your family

Create a love of riding

Choose from a range of fun riding gear that will keep them safe, protected and wanting to ride

Solutions & stories to suit kids & youth 

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Support and inspire other riders and families to ride

Share your riding outings, adventures and experiences on our quick and easy question and answer forms. Join us in helping others ride bikes. All entries receive a free shipping coupon and go into our seasonal prize draw.

Riding stories, support and solutions… SEE MORE

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The benefits of cycling come in all shapes and sizes as do the people who ride bikes#everyonesacyclist

Ride as a family to spend time together, approach challenges and have fun together #familycycling

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike #smilewhenyouride

Regular riding is one of the best activities to improve your health and the health of your community.#rideforyourhealth

The fuel of the future – whether you are pedal powered or battery assisted – choosing to ride is a simple eco-friendly, responsible transport option #rideabikesavetheearth