Hydration for Biking – Carry Water

Options for carrying water on the bike – make sure everyone has easy access to plenty of  water and stays well hydrated. 

Supporting you to get the right hydration solution  so you can SMILE when you ride.

Girls Youth (&Womens) Hydration and Gear Backpack 

10L Camelbak  approx 10-12 plus $196.00

The perfect size backpack (10Litre) for carrying the water you need and a few additional essentials…layers, tools, rainjackets and first aid….LEARN MORE

Kids Hydration and Gear Backpack

3 Litre Camelbak 4-10 year olds $92.00

A 3 Litre backpack giving kids easy access toupto 1.5 Litres of water and they can carry one or 2 other essentials. LEARN MORE…

Cleaning Kit for Hydration Bladder

Cleaning Kit  $49.00

All the tools you need to keep your hydration bladders clean and mold free. Keep them hygenic and help them last longer. Cleaning kit comes in a cotton storage bag. LEARN MORE…

Drink Bottle Cage

Coming soon

A drink bottle cage that works with metal eco drink bottles

What is the right hydration solution for you?  Your success is different to others… use our stories and support, get the right solution

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