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First Aid & Personal Care Supplies for Bikers

Have compact, ready to grab  biking specific First Aid & Personal Care Supplies to help everyone keep their riding SMILE
Compact First Aid Kit for Bikers
 Compact Biking First Aid Kit
Bike specific by The Survival Kit Company $39.50

Learn what’s in your bike specific kit and why its compact size is so helpful … LEARN MORE

Survival Blanket small for Biking goRide 600w
Foil Survival Blanket
Helping you survive by The Survival Kit Company $5.00

There’s already one in your First Aid Kit but you may need one for every member of your biking group… LEARN MORE

First Aid Refill Kit goRide resized
First Aid Refill Kit
To replenish and replace by The Survival Kit Company $29.50

Replace or add to the supplies of your compact biking first aid kit so you are ready for any biking adventure… LEARN MORE

BioMaxa 4hrs+. 100mls. goRide
Natural Chamois Cream
NZ Made BioMaxa Natural Chamois Cream $27 to $35

Lubricate, soothe or repair, depending on your situation. Ideal for any rider to have as part of their First Aid Kit… LEARN MORE

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What is the right bike first aid and personal care solution for YOU?  Your needs are different to others…use our stories and support for the right solution.