Emergency Blanket


Be ready you don’t know when might need it…

Solution for:  an emergency blanket is just that, a way to prepare for emergencies.  When you’re isolated and help can not access you quickly this blanket could save your life.  Every person in the group needs an emergency blanket when you are bike touring/bike packing through unpopulated areas or going on a back country day trip.  Be ready anytime, anywhere and ride with that knowledge and confidence.

Features: 1 single emergency blanket suitable for use by 1 person

For the ultimate in safety combine your Emergency Blanket with a Compact First Aid Kit for Biking and SAVE

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An Emergency Blanket is the right solution for you because it; 

Provides protection from or treatment of hypothermia

Can be used to wrap the body or as a ground cover

Is 210cm long x 90cm wide

Is lightweight and easy to carry

Wind & waterproof

Reflects body heat back onto the body

Is part of the First Aid Kit for Biking

Should be carried by all group members on multi day or remote rides



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