Natural Chamois Cream


Be comfortable & protected – a natural product for skin care

Solution for… alleviating or preventing skin irritation caused by time seated on your bike.  A beautiful NZ made, natural product that can be used for any length of riding but is great for endurance, multi day or tour type riding – long distance & times – over repeated days.  Ideal for any rider to have as part of their first aid kit.

Features:  Manuka Oil, Manuka Honey & Lanolin combine to protect &/or heal the skin.  Can be used to lubricate, soothe or repair depending on the situation. The perfect cream for anyone who likes to use the power of nature to benefit their skin.


The Natural Chamois Cream is right for YOU because

It is designed to prevent, relieve and aid recovery from skin irritation caused by friction against your skin.  Friction often happens with endurance type riding or for people new to or returning to riding

Is a product that benefits all types of riders as it is more about the time on your bike rather than the type of bike, also great for adjusting to riding again after a break

Useful as a barrier to lubricate the areas of contact with your seat, ideal to apply before events, races or tours especially if you are new to this type of riding

Great to use as a preventative barrier for multi day, tour riding, bike packing, road riding, frequent long distance training, long daily commutes

A must for healing if you have points of irritation on your skin

Assists with problems caused by moisture from either sweat or wet weather, assists in prevention of chafing & saddle sores, helps protect against infection & irritation

Choice of product based on time riding - less than 4hrs (Ultra Ride) and for regular rides over 4hrs (Pro-Ride)

Easy to apply, natural product made from a mix of Lanolin, Manuka Oil and UMF 15+ Manuka honey

Is long lasting and you use less compared to other brands of chamois creams

Comes in a 100ml container

Made in NZ by BioMaxa


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