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Women’s Padded Bike Pants – get Ready, be Comfortable and Protected.

Get the right bike pants so you can  SMILE when you ride.
Terry Touring Capri. 3:4 padded bike pants. goRide
Women’s 3/4 Endurance Padded Pant
Terry Knicker Endurance Capri $179.00

A padded 3/4 endurance pant perfect for distances, uneven terrain (mountain biking) multi-day riding (bikepacking, touring) .  Guaranteed comfort with soft, yet durable & breathable, fabric & thread.  Ultimate protection with a endurance specific women’s chamois…LEARN MORE

Holster Hi Rise. Terry Capri. goRide
Women’s Recreation 3/4 Padded Pant
Terry Holster Hi Rise Capri  $179.00

A padded 3/4 pant designed for a relaxed, comfortable fit.  Ultra wide, ultra high waist.  Ideal for recreation riders, curvy bodies or those who want a casual style & great coverage… LEARN MORE

Padded riding underwear made by goRide
Women’s Recreation Full Brief Padded Underwear
Women’s goUnders by goRide  COMING SOON

A padded full brief underwear keeps you comfortable on and off the bike. You get to choose what you wear on the bike – everyday, recreational or working style clothes.  The choice is YOURS

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What is the right bike pants solution for YOU?  Your success is different to others… use our stories and support get the right bike pants.

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride