Ride More Places

Stories in Ride More Places introduce you to amazing places you can go on a bike in NZ.  Whether it’s family friendly trails, big biking adventures or a simple day ride to an interesting destination that YOU or YOUR family could enjoy.  We hope to make you think about what you or your family could achieve and support you to achieve it. We are all on a riding journey regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider so be open to new ideas about your riding or riding with kids, discover what other women & kids are doing and be curious about what this means for YOU or YOUR family.

goRide sharing forms are all about helping others to ride.  Sharing information with other riders gives them confidence and understanding of whether they may be capable of doing the same type of ride. You can choose either the individual or family form to complete.  We would really appreciate you sharing your riding experiences.  All completed forms are put into this section of the website – Ride More Places under the heading goRide Sharing.  This continually growing resource will give feedback on a range of ages and abilities doing a variety of rides from all around our beautiful country.

goRide supporting you & your family to SMILE when you ride.