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Women Riders – get Safe, get Ready, get Better, get Inspired

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Women’s Bike Helmets
get the protection you need 

Helmets to suit all types of female riders. Get a helmet designed for women, to match the type of rider you are… LEARN MORE

Range of Terry Womens Bike Saddles. goRide
Women’s Bike Saddles
get comfortable on the bike seat 

Bike saddles to suit all types of women riders. Get award winning saddles designed for a womens body, matched to the type of riding you do…. LEARN MORE

goRide Padded Bike Pant Women Bike Rider Page
Women’s Padded Bike Pants
be comfortable in what you wear on the bike

See our range of bike pants designed specifically for comfort. Get the protection you need to ride more often… LEARN MORE

Light blue full length womens bike glove
Women’s Bike Gloves
be comfortable and protected on the bike 

Get bike gloves designed for womens hands & to match the type of riding you do… LEARN MORE

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seat bag with tools on the bike goRide
Bike Tools and  Kits 
be prepared with the right bike tools 

Tools and tool kits to suit all types of women riders. Tools selected for their ease of use. Carry tools and know you can use them…. LEARN MORE

Bike cleaning bamboo sustainable cloth goRide
Bike Cleaning Products and Kits 
be prepared with ready to use cleaning products

Environmentally friendly cleaning products. Make cleaning easy with ready to use kits. A clean bike works better and lasts longer. Make sure you enjoy your ride… LEARN MORE

Coiled combination bike lock fixed to large lamp post. goRide
Bike Locks
Know your bike and gear is safe and secure

Bike locks to suit the level of security you need…. LEARN MORE

Winter bike glove combo. goRide
Head and Neck warmers for Women 
keep warm when you ride 

Look and feel comfortable on the bike with merino lined head and neck warmers designed for biking…  LEARN MORE

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Traditional sky spotty beep bicycle bell goRide 600w v 2
Bike Bells for Women 
be heard with a beautiful bell 

Beautiful bike bells to suit all types of women riders. be Heard when you ride…LEARN MORE

Compact First Aid Kit for Bikers
First Aid  
be prepared with first aid supplies 

Compact First Aid kits & supplies for when you go biking… LEARN MORE

bike lights 800w b
Bike Lights
the right lights for your riding 

Bike lights to suit the type of riding you do, night, dawn, dusk or just to be MORE visible…. LEARN MORE

Hydration reservoir and backpack biking goRide
Hydration Backpack for Women 
be prepared carry water 

10L women designed backpack and 3L hydration bladder making sure you are well prepared for your rides and adventures…LEARN MORE

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Blackburn Deluxe Front or Rear Carrier. Side view town bike. goRide
Bike Carriers 
be prepared with the right bike carrier 

Make riding easier by adding a bike carrier to your bike. Get gear off your body and onto the bike…LEARN MORE

Handlebar Grips
be comfortable with handlebar grips for small hands 

Get the comfort you need for your type of riding with the right handlebar grips… LEARN MORE

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