Padded bike pants or bike underwear, to use when riding a bike, have a chamois (padding) sewn into them. These types of bike garments are a great investment to help keep you comfortable while riding. The chamois sits directly between you and the bike seat. This helps to reduce discomfort and allows you to sit on your seat for longer periods of time or for several days in a row.

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The Make Up of the Chamois

If you gain a little knowledge about chamois it will help you to choose the correct bike pant/underwear for the type of riding that you do.

The Shape and Thickness – Todays chamois take advantage of technology and come in a wide range of shapes, densities and thickness’. The placement of padding, which is made from foam, is designed to match to how you will be sitting on your seat – your body position.  The density and thickness considers the time or length of your riding.

Moisture Wicking – For the chamois to perform well it needs to be able to wick moisture – pull moisture away from your skin and prevent bacteria growth (bacteriostasis).  As the chamois will be sewn onto the fabric of the pant or underwear it is also very important that this  fabric wicks moisture. Reducing the build up of moisture prevents chaffing that can turn into saddle sores.  The technology around this moisture management in chamois has really progressed in the past 10 years.

Breathability – A good quality chamois will also have a perforated base layer to increase breathability and aid in quick dry times.

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Choose the correct chamois

Chamois sewn into biking pants or underwear have different shapes & foam densities that match to different types of riding

Choose the correct chamois

Gender differences in chamois. Red = female.  Green = male

Type of Riding and the Chamois

The type of riding or type of bike you have will dictate how you sit on your seat.  This determines where your body makes contact with the seat.  Up right riders who sit with a straight back transfer weight directly down through their sit bones towards the back of the seat.  Compare this to a road rider who is bent forward and will have weight and pressure points more to the front of the seat.

These contrasts in body position go a long way to explaining why chamois come in different shapes and thickness’.  Padding and support will be placed differently for the maximum in comfort for the type of riding the chamois is intended to be used for.  Most companies offer a range of chamois across several different types of riding – Road, MTB, Triathlon, Urban, Crossover (on & off road), Indoor (Spin classes).  So it should not be an issue finding a garment that has the correct type of chamois for your needs.

Length of Riding and the Chamois

A Chamois will have different densities and thickness depending on the length of the ride it is designed for. For the best comfort on your bike the chamois you choose should match the time that you do or want to spend on the bike.

Generally the longer the length of riding the great density in the compression of the foam at key touch points in the chamois.  This helps with providing a feeling of protection even after long hours of riding, it shouldn’t feel like the foam has been completely squashed or collapsed.

Gender Specific and Kid Specific Chamois

Chamois will be different from men to women.  This is mainly concerned with the width of the pelvis – being wider in women – and therefore where the padding for the sit bones is positioned.  You will also spot differences in the length of the chamois and type of front support.

Chamois designed for kids are significantly smaller than an adult chamois.   They will suit from approximately 3 years of age. The cost of a kids chamois is usually kept down with a basic foam design but with more and more young children riding the range is expanding.  The biggest thing to be aware of with your kids is when to upgrade them into an adult chamois for better shape, comfort and protection.  Every child is different in terms of when they grow but most kids chamois will fit up to 10/11 years of age.  After this it is a good idea to consider whether a youth or extra small adult pair of padded pants/underwear would be a better purchase.

The Chamois’ goRide Chooses to Use

The chamois that we use in all our padded underwear options come from an Italian company called Elastic Interface.  They are world leaders in chamois development and have an amazing range that we choose from.  This enables us to match our chamois perfectly to the type of pants/undies we have designed.  Also to offer different chamois for the same garment depending on the support you need or the time/length of your riding.  For example our Womens goUnders have a minimal, up to 3hrs, sleek chamois for comfort both on and off the bike.  The endurance version of our Womens goUnders has an Endurance Crossover chamois with 2 density thickness’ and can be ridden up to 6hrs, either on or off road.

Since 2019 Elastic Interface have achieved Eco status with all their fabrics.

Find out more about Elastic Interface by visiting their website

Choose the Correct Chamois – Match your Type of Riding to Padded Bike Pants or Underwear

Who – Women recreation riding -Town, Commute or Bike Path.

Chamois match = On & off road Recreation Chamois.

Solution = Womens goUnders

Who – Kids having fun on the bike

Chamois match = Kids Recreation.

Solution = Kids goUnders

Who – Women recreation rider – Bike Path Trail Rider, Long Commute

1-3hrs Chamois match = On & off road Recreation Chamois. 

Solution = Womens goUnders or 3/4 Recreation Pants

Who – Women endurance rider -Bike Path Trail Rider, Long Commute.

1-6hrs Chamois match = Endurance Chamois.

Solution =  Womens Endurance goUnders, 3/4 Endurance Pants 

Who – Women Mountain Biker – Recreation

Chamois match = Off road Recreation 

Solution = Womens goUnders, Womens goUnder BoyLeg or 3/4 Recreation Pants

Who – Women Multi Day or Tour

Chamois match = Endurance Chamois, 1-6hrs

Solution =  Womens Endurance goUnders, 3/4 Endurance Pants

Who – Kids Bike Touring

Chamois match = Kids Endurance.

Solution = Kids Endurance goUnders

Who – Youth Boy & Men

MTB grip & minimal bell

Solution coming this Winter 2021

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