Womens goUnders Style Guide

goRide has designed a range of padded bike underwear for women.  Different styles to suit different body shapes.  Different styles to suit different types of riding.

What is the right style for you?

Full Brief goUnders – High or Mid Waist?

Full Brief 

Full Brief goUnders are a very similar shape to traditional underwear but they do have a couple of design features that make them different.  There is longer length in the back meaning the underwear tucks under your bottom.  This area of the hem line is reinforced with Mobilion Tape which adds strength and support.  Both these features help to keep the underwear in contact with your body and prevent a feeling of dragging or drooping where the chamois (padding) is at its widest and heaviest. The waistband of a Full Brief goUnder has 32mm knitted elastic, again this helps with keeping the underwear in contact with your body and secures it in place.

Waist Height Choice

High Waist Full Briefs are designed to sit high on the body near the natural waistline.  They suit bodies that have above average length between the hip joint and waist (often tall women).  They are the preferred style for curvy, round body shapes and for women who wear clothes & regular underwear at waist level.

This style is available in our widest size range from size 8 through to size 22.

Mid Waist Full Briefs sit lower on the body than the high waist option. They are designed to sit across the top of the hips at the height of the two prominent boney points (front of the body).  They are best suited to flatter, wide body shapes and those with normal or short length between the hip joint and waist (average height to shorter women).  Best choice for women who wear their clothes & regular underwear at or below this high hip level.

This style is available from size 8 through to size 18.

Chamois Choice

Full Brief goUnders are available with different types of chamois (padding) sewn into them so you need to make a choice – Minimal or Endurance Padding?

The Minimal Chamois is best suited to rides of less than 2 hours. It also suits women who want protection but prefer less bulk.

The Endurance Chamois is best suited to rides of more than 2 hours, women who experience a lot of discomfort on the saddle, or for riding on consecutive days. Available in the Endurance goUnders

Boy Leg goUnders (coming soon)

Boy Leg Style

The Boy Leg goUnder is a more modern style of underwear.  It has greater length in the leg (1cm inner thigh) and sits across the hip, upper leg and butt area rather than on the body.  The waistband is a double layer of fabric with 6mm elastic at the top edge to give a sense of secure placement while still being comfortable.  It is a popular style with youth and will be a more familiar shape for mountain bike riders who may use longer length liners.                 

This style is available in XS to L for youth and XS to XXL for women.  There is also a mens/youth boys version coming.


Boy Leg goUnders have a cross performance chamois (padding) sewn into them.  This means the chamois is suitable for both off road and on road riding.  It supports comfort on your bike seat for up to 6hrs.

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