Kids/Youth Padded Bike Underwear

A selection of kids & youth padded bike underwear to suit different ages and types of riding.  Designed and made in NZ by goRide.

Supporting you to get the right bike pants so you can ride with a SMILE.

Kids goUnders by goRide $59.90  

On Sale for NZ Made March – Fun and funky kids padded bike underwear made in New Zealand. Kids get to wear what they like on the bike and be comfortable – a favourite pair of shorts or leggings… LEARN MORE

Padded Bike Underwear – Kids Endurance

Kids goUnders by goRide $69.90 

On Sale for NZ Made March – Our fun and funky NZ made kids padded bike underwear are now available with an endurance chamois. Best suited for families doing multi day rides or for kids that are particularly uncomfortable on the seat… LEARN MORE

Padded Bike Underwear – Youth

Coming Soon…

Solution for youth approximately 12yrs and up, either in a boys or girls design.  Help them to be comfortable when they ride.  Adult size chamois gives better protection for teens… COMING SOON

Padded Bike Underwear – Youth/Women

Women’s goUnders by goRide  $79.00

Our full brief underwear are also suitable for older girls. You get to choose what you wear on the bike – everyday, recreation or working style clothes.  Look good, be comfortable… LEARN MORE

What is the padded bike pant solution for you?  Your success is different to others… use our stories and support, get the right solution

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