Will a Frame Mount Rear Kids Bike Seat (Yepp Maxi) fit on your Bike?

Rear Frame Mount Kids Bike Seat (Yepp Maxi) – the bike seat attaches directly to the frame of your bike and your child is positioned behind you. It is suitable for kids from 1 through to 6 years.

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Welcome. The Frame Mount Rear Bike Seat is a great investment offering a solution to ride with your child for a wide age range. This seat is suitable for a first child seat and will support your family riding right through to when you and your child are ready for the next family riding solution. The mounting bracket/adaptor is reasonably easy to attach and It is super easy to attach and remove the childs seat from the adult bike once the mounting bracket/adaptor is installed. The Frame Mount Kids Bike Seat is safe for 1-6 years old and up to maximum weight of up to 22kg.

goRide has attached the Frame Mount Rear Bike Seat ( Yepp Maxi) to a variety of bikes so we understand the experience and the challenges. See our Support for Attaching a Frame Mount Kids Bike Seat 

Your riding experience will be different when riding with a Frame Mount Rear Bike Seat than if you are riding solo… please see Riding Safely with a Frame Mount Rear Bike Seat. 

To understand and compare your options for riding with a Front Seat please read Kids Rear Bike Seat Buying Guide 

Where does it attach?  

A Frame Mount Rear Bike Seat has a mounting bracket/adaptor that clamps around your seat post tube. This adaptor is permanently attached to your bike. and the bike seat is easily attached and removed from this bracket/adaptor.

tow rope

The clamp of the Mounting Bracket/ Adaptor that attaches to your bike frame (seat post tube)

tow rope

Mounting Bracket/ Adaptor clamped onto your bike frame (seat post tube)

tow rope

Drawing of mounting bracket attached to your bike frame.

Will it fit your bike?

The Frame Mount ( no carrier required) Rear Bike Seat cannot be mounted to Carbon Frames. It is suitable for your bike if it meets the following criteria.

Attachment to Bike

1. You require at least 12.5cm (125mm) of clear space to clamp the mounting bracket/adaptor to the seat post tube of your bike. Ideally close to the middle of the tube. No protrusions, nothing that would obstruct the clamp connecting to your bike.

12.5 cm of clear space. No protrusion on the frame…close to the middle of the frame.

Mounting bracket clamped to bike requires 12.5 cm of space on seat post tube

Frame and Wheel Size

The child seat needs to comfortably clear the rear wheel of your bike…a minimum of 4cm.

This can be achieved by

1.Frame size of more than 51cm.

Measure from the top of your seat post tube down to the middle of your crank position. Does it measure more than 51cm if yes then it is compatible

2.Wheel size. To give you clearance over your rear wheel the bike needs to have 26 or 27.5 inch wheels. 29 inch wheels are often incompatible though if you have a large size bike frame you may be able to acheive the 4cm clearance over the rear wheel.

Measure from the top of your seat post tube to the middle of your crank

At least 4cm clearance above your rear wheel

Advantages of the Frame Mount Rear Kids Bike Seat.

The Frame Mount Rear Kids Bike Seat is durable and lightweight, provides a secure attachment to your bike and its quality harness make it a great rear bike seat.  This seat does not require a carrier. An additional mounting bracket/adaptor can be purchased to attach to a 2nd bike.

For ease of use the mounting bracket/adaptor is best if this remains attached to your bike.

If this bike seat does not suit your bike then an alternative option is a Carrier Mount Rear Kids Bike Seat.  

Riding with a Frame Mount Kids Bike Seat

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