Spare Chain Link Sizing Guide

Know how to buy the right sized Spare Chain Link

You need to find 2 things out ( the speed of your chain and the brand of your chain) .

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Spare Chain Link Size

If you have a geared bike count the number of sprockets in your rear cassette this will give you the speed of your chain.

Number of Sprockets.

Count how many full circles (sprockets) you have in your rear cassette. The common sizes are  6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 sprockets

If you have a 7 sprockets you need a 7 speed chain

If you have 11 sprockets you need an 11 speed chain


This rear casette has 11 sprockets therefore I need an 11 speed chain.

Chain Brand


You will find the brand of your chain stamped into the links on your chain.

We have a chosen a brand of chain link that is compatible with most chains  KMC, Shimano and Sram chains


Now you know the 2 things you need to purchase a spare chain link 1. the speed of your chain  2. the brand of your chain

For more detailed information on Bike Chains go to Know your bike chain and/or How to use a spare chain link

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