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4 Regular Tasks to care for your Bike Chain

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Choose to do 4 regular tasks and care for your bike chain …

Let’s gain some knowledge that will help you to keep your bike working well. These regular bike chain tasks are essential to caring for you bike chain and your bike

To ‘get better’ you need to invest a little bit of time to understand each of these 4 tasks. Choose to know what to do and care for your bike chain. Do regular maintenance and make sure you can goRide with a SMILE.

Cleaning your bike chain and the parts of the bike that the chain connects with – your drive train 

A bike chain is made up of lots of little components. These components need to move and be flexibile to work well. Because the bike chain is exposed to dirt, grit, sand etc as we ride… to keep the bike chain working well and to keep you SMILING when you ride we need to Clean our Bike Chain regularly. Cleaning your chain will be part of your bike cleaning routine but it does need special attention.

Choose to learn how to Clean your Bike Chain & Clean your Drivetrain and get the best from your bike

Durable bike cleaning brush chain  goride

Lubing you bike chain

One you have completed cleaning your bike chain all those little components of the bike chain need some help with some lubricant (Bike Chain Lube) to keep them flexible and moving well.

Choose to learn about Lubing your Bike Chain – what is right lube for the type of riding you how to lube your bike chain so you can get the best from your bike.

Applying Everyday Chain Lube 600w

Checking the length of you Bike Chain

Your bike chain will gradually lengthen over time as you ride your bike – resulting in poor meshing with the parts of the bike your chain connects to: the teeth of the chain rings the sprockets/cogs resulting in all sorts of problems. It is important to regularly test the length of the chain so you know when it is time to replace your chain.  We suggest checking/testing the length of your bike chain every 3 months. When that shows signs of elongation – replace it. You do not want to wait until  you have problems like the gears slipping.

Choose to Know when to replace your bike chain

Chain wear too on bike chain 500w

Replacing you elongated bike chain

Once you discover that you have a lengthened bike chain you need to replace it with a new chain. Replacing your chain is something that will need to regularly happen to keep your bike working well …so we suggest that you have the confidence and courage to learn how to replace your bike chain. Replacing your chain at home will give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to deal with any chain problems that you may have when you are out riding.

Choose to Learn how to replace your bike chain

New bike chain on bike
get Better and goRide –  4 Regular Tasks for Bike Chain Care

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