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A Handlebar Bag for Kids

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The goRide Way get InspiredWant to maximise your riding experience with the kids, engage them in the outdoors and give them a sense of exploration and adventure?  Yes!  Well get a bike handlebar bag for your child.

All that from a handlebar bag you say?  Yep.  Simple, useful and fun – just what we like.

Whether its a balance bike or a bike that you want them to enjoy this is one of the simplest ways to create a wider enjoyment and give them a sense of being a part of their environment.   They will want to go more places, more often on their bike.


Handlebar bag kids bike goRide

What the humble handlebar bag provides;

  • a place to keep a drink bottle
  • a place to keep a snack
  • somewhere for a jersey or light jacket
  • an all important seat for their favourite toy
  • a means of carrying home all sorts of treasures


So what have we immediately created here?

This is an opportunity for you to give them some responsibility, tasks to focus on and a way for them to be involved in the “get ready” part of your bike journey.  They can fill their water bottle and place it in their handlebar bag.  They can choose a snack, find a jacket…

This is also an opportunity for them to plan an adventure, ask them where they would like to go for morning tea today?  These are such simple ideas but it changes the whole experience for your child – instead of dragging them out on a bike ride where you have made all the decisions – this allows them to be active in decision making and engaged in whats going on.

You have given them knowledge that there will be a drink stop – quite possibly a picnic.  Who has a child that is motivated by food? “We will ride to your favourite seat on the water front and have a snack”.  This can provide a simple incentive to get there especially if they have helped pack and create that snack.

Balance bike handlebar bag goRideThe presence of a favourite toy can not be under estimated for some children if they have any anxiety around riding their bike or exploring new things.  Some children just refuse to go anywhere without their bunny, teddy, doll, spiderman.  The presence of their toy can really ease fear and give moral support.   A good example is learning to ride a bike.  Nowadays its usually a transition from a balance bike to a bike.  Some kids are totally motivated to join the pedalling world – others not so much.  Introduce a handlebar bag or move the one you have and make it clear that ‘bunny’ really wants to go for a ride on the bike today.  The handlebar position of these bags provides awesome opportunities for interaction with their favourite toy because they can see it and potentially talk to it.

What kid doesn’t like to collect things?  How many times have you wondered what’s making that noise in the washing machine only to remember you where convinced to carry the “best” or most “beautiful” stone home from the river yesterday.  Treasure hunts, leaf collecting, stones, shells, bits of whatever and the handlebar bag provides the perfect solution to carrying them home.

A handlebar bag so simple yet so effective, a great way to add layers to the simple task of going for a ride with your child.  Let us know your favourite places to ride to and what kind of treasures you have found…

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