A bike saddle that is specific to your shape and supports the type of riding that you do is a great addition to any bike.   Saddles can be very different in shape, width & length so you need to understand a few things about their design to find a saddle you can consider the best mens bike saddle for tour or long commute style riding.

Different types of saddles suit different riding environments so it is important you get the right bike saddle for the type of riding YOU do.

How do you know if a tour/commute bike saddle is the perfect match to the type of rider you are? 

To match to a male tour long commute saddle your rider profile would be

  • male (gender)
  • a changing body position on the bike – because you are on the bike for a long period and riding over varied terrain (riding position)
  • riding on varied surfaces/trails on a touring or commuting bike over multiple successive days
  • discomfort or pressure on a saddle with little padding and no genital cut-out


The Terry Mens Liberator Saddle is the best mens bike saddle for tour & long commute riding.  Launched in 1998, Terry sold over 50,000 units in America in this first year.  It was Terry Bicycles best selling product for years and changed the way saddles were designed.  The Liberator was one of the very first saddles to be designed with comfort as the number one priority.

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A typical ride on a touring or long commute saddle will have you seated for a reasonable length of time over varying terrain so your saddle will need…


Saddle Shape – mid to wide

You will need a good level of support through the rear to mid region without the shape interfering with pedalling. Multi-day saddles need to be in the “middle” in terms of width and length.  As you are on the bike for a reasonable length of time riding up hill, down hill and on the flat your body position will change over the length of your ride so your saddle needs to accommodate this.  A good touring saddle should be comfortable for long periods of time and this is what makes touring saddles the ultimate choice for long (30min+) regular commute riders.

Padding – designed with multi day/regular use in mind

Perfect placement that allows for good protection from vibrating uneven surfaces but does not interfere with long periods of sustained pedalling.  Also offering you the option of changing your body position without compromising the level of support. The density of the foam changes from the rear of the seat to the front allowing for this.  A cut out is essential to avoid any issues with numbness or compression.  A gel layer will add to comfort especially when riding without a chamois as is often the case when commute riding.

Materials – durable, sturdy, able to tolerate repeated use.

Look for these qualities in the fabric that covers the saddle and the rails – where the saddle attaches to your bike.

goRide’s Solution for Touring/Long Commute Saddle for Men…
The Terry Liberator Gel Saddle for Men
A touring saddle for men that builds on Terry’s established reputation for comfort with an extra layer of gel, the Terry Liberator Gel saddle takes the edge off longer distance rides
be Comfortable and goRide –  The Best Mens Bike Saddle

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